Rajasthan Bans Places of Worship Inside Police Stations

Rajasthan bans places of worship inside police stations.

JAIPUR – No places of worship can be built inside police stations and offices in Rajasthan, an official order said here on Tuesday.

In a letter addressed to all senior officers, Additional Director General (ADG) of Police Housing Department, A. Ponnuchami said places of worship in office complexes and police stations “have seen a spurt in the past several years” which is not within the purview of the law.

The ‘Rajasthan Religious Buildings and Places Act 1954’ also prohibits it, he added.

“Maps prepared by the state government for the construction of administrative buildings of police stations in the state also do not include places of worship. There is no provision for it,” Ponnuchami said.

He directed all the officers to ensure that the rules are followed in letter and spirit. -IANS


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