‘Rahul Gandhi Suggested Name ‘INDIA’ for Opposition Bloc’


BENGALURU – Even as Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge on Tuesday said that the opposition parties have decided to give a new name to their alliance, which will be known as Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (India), party sources said that the name was suggested by former party chief Rahul Gandhi.

According to party sources, the name of the opposition bloc ‘India’ was given by Rahul Gandhi during the meeting.

The source said that the former Lok Sabha MP said that this alliance is for the country and for whom we are fighting, and who all are being attacked.

Source said Rahul Gandhi during the meeting also said that the Constitution, democracy, freedom, institutions and people are being attacked.

The source also said that Delhi Chief Minister and AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal was first to support the name suggested by Rahul Gandhi and it was then backed by all.

After the meeting, while addressing the media at the joint press conference, Rahul Gandhi said: “The idea of India is being attacked today by the ideology of the BJP. The wealth of India is being snatched from the millions of millions of Indians and handed to the few people who are close to the Prime Minister. Unemployment is spreading, prices are rising and this is what the fight is about.”

He said that the fight is about two ideas of India.

“And while we were having the discussion this name emerged from the discussion because we asked ourselves and what is the fight and who is the fight between, and we realised that the fight is not between the two formations, but the fight is to defend the idea of India and that is why we came up with the name Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance which also happens to be as India,” the Congress leader said. 

He said that what we are doing here as a group, we are defending the Indian constitution, the voice of people, the idea of the country and India.

“You know what happens to those who oppose or try to fight the idea of India. Look at the history and you will see that nobody has been able to fight the idea of India. I don’t need to go into who is going to win this fight. This is a fight between the idea of India and the idea of the BJP, and it is a fight between India the BJP and it is between India and Narendra Modi,” Rahul Gandhi said, sounding the 2024 Lok Sabha election poll bugle from Bengaluru. -IANS

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