Public Mood Changes on Bulldozer Issue, Majority Wants Action Should be Stopped: Poll


NEW DELHI — Some time ago, when CVoter conducted an opinion poll amongst all Indians across age, education, income and ethnic distinctions on behalf of IANS, more than three out of every four Indians supported the actions of the Yogi Adityanath government in bulldozing the houses of those allegedly involved in either planning or indulging in riots.

But the public mood on the issue seems to be shifting as a majority now seems to support the contention that the bulldozer action should be stopped.

Over time, the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has acquired a reputation as the “bulldozer baba”, a moniker that was also used during the 2022 Assembly elections. However, widespread condemnation from some retired judges of the Supreme Court and some high courts along with some senior retired police and armed forces personnel seem to have tempered the enthusiasm of the ordinary Indian over the issue.

According to the latest survey that was conducted on June 14, a majority now want a halt to the bulldozer actions. Respondents were asked if the bulldozer action to demolish houses and properties of those accused of rioting and other offences should be stopped.

About 56 per cent of the respondents overall supported the contention while about 44 per cent of the respondents wanted the bulldozer action to continue. Not surprisingly, more than 62 per cent of opposition supporters wanted a halt on the action while about 48% of the NDA supporters shared the same sentiment.

Most of the criticism of the based on allegations that the Uttar Pradesh government is not following due process of law and taking approval of relevant courts before bulldozing properties.

The government insists that it is following due process and had served notices to people much before the riots of June 3 and June 10 happened in the state.

A surprisingly large 65 per cent of those in the 18 to 24 age group supported the “stop demolition” demand, while the support dwindled to just about 41 per cent in the above 55 years age group. — IANS

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