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Priyanka Gandhi Tears into Modi’s Mujra Remark, Asks PM to Maintain Decorum of the Post

Priyanka said that we respect the Prime Minister’s post but Modi has forgotten that he represents the country

NEW DELHI — Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi on Saturday slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his “mujra” remarks and said that no Prime Minister had ever used such a language for opposition leaders in the history of the country.

PM Modi attacked the INDIA bloc in Bihar over the reservations issue and accused it of doing “slavery” and “mujra” for the Muslim vote bank, reported ANI.

Reciting a composition of famous saint Baba Gorakhnath, the Congress leader said that it is the Prime Minister’s responsibility to maintain the “dignity” of the post.

“What is Modiji saying? I heard the speech of Bihar, no prime minister has ever used such words for opposition leaders in the history of the country. Your faith and your hopes were once attached to Narendra Modi, but isn’t it the responsibility of the prime minister to maintain the dignity of the post? Is it not his responsibility to maintain the decorum of his post? We respect the Prime Minister’s post. His reality can now be seen. Do not show so much reality to the country. He has forgotten that he represents the country. What will the future generations say,” Priyanka Gandhi said, addressing a public meeting in Gorakhpur.

She said the prime minister calls the entire country his family, but it does not reflect in his words. “Family members always have respect for each other (ankho ki sharam) that should not be lost, that should always be kept,” she said.

She further said that women, farmers, youths of the country everyone is worried.
“Today the women, farmers, youths everyone is worried…We the people of INDIA alliance and Congress talk about the issues of the common people and work to solve them,” she added.

Vadra said that “BJP candidates say that if the number crosses 400, they will change the Constitution and take away the reservation. At the same time, the Congress Party and INDIA bloc talks about your issues.”

Meanwhile, Congress leader Pawan Khera said that no other Prime Minister has ever used such language in this country.

“Let them (BJP) claim. The fact is that their intelligence agencies have told them that they are restricted to 180 (seats) or even below 180. That’s why the PM is talking in a language that no other Prime Minister has ever used in this country,” he said.

“I am giving the guarantee to Bihar, SC, ST, OBC communities, till Modi is alive, I will not let them snatch away their rights. For Modi, Constitution is supreme, for Modi, Babasaheb Ambedkar’s sentiments are supreme… if the INDI alliance wants to accept the servitude of their vote bank, they are free to do so…if they want to perform mujra (dance), they are free to do… I will still stand with the SC, ST, OBC reservation staunchly. Jb tak jaan hai ladta rahunga,” PM Modi had said.

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