Primer: Key Documents Needed If Nation-wide NRC is Conducted


Waquar Hasan | Caravan Daily

NEW DELHI – Indian Civil Liberty Union (ICLU) has come up with a primer of nationwide NRC (National Register of Citizen) to convey to the people as to what are the documents can be sought for proving one’s citizenship as per the existing laws if the NRC is conducted across the country.

Founder of the ICLU Anas Tanweer told Caravan Daily that they have prepared the primer on the nationwide NRC as ever since the government called for a nationwide NRC, they were getting calls asking about the documents needed in case it is conducted across the country.

His group has been working on the Assam NRC and had launched a helpline number to extend legal help to those excluded from the final list of the NRC. The helpline was the same launched by the United Against Hate (UAH) for the victims of mob lynching and hate crimes.

“We used to receive calls from Assam. But the number of calls we are receiving from across the country now is far exceeds that of Assam. The reason for this is that every second or third day, the government makes a statement regarding it causing panic in the people. The panic and fear among the people are palpable,” averred Tanweer.

In the primer on the nationwide NRC, they pointed out that a pan-India National Register of Citizen (NRC) would be different from the Assam NRC.

“As per the existing laws, the pan-India National Register of Citizen (NRC) will primarily be based on birth and not on descent as was the case in Assam. For Assam, there was a special provision, section 6A in the Citizenship, 1955. For the rest of India, citizenship will primarily be governed by Section 3 of the Act, Citizenship by birth,” reads the pamphlet of the primer.

Any Proof of Birth in India Passport
Driving license
Birthdate Certificates
Any other documents listed by Govt
Any of the above documents can be valid


According to the primer, the people born in India on January 26, 1950 or after that till July 1, 1987 are the citizens of India by birth. They have to simply show that they have born in India before 1st July 1987 to prove their citizenship.

Those who were born after 1st July 1987 but before December 2004, need to prove two things: 1. that they were born in India after 1987, 2. either of their parents are/were Indian citizens.

“To prove the same, a linkage document has to be shown. It can be passport, driving license, ration card, LIC document or any other document proof listed by the government,” reads the primer.

Those who were born after 2004 will have to prove that: 1. Both their parents are Indian citizens, 2. one of the parents is Indian citizen and other the parent is not an illegal immigrant.

“This information is in accordance with the existing laws on citizenship. If there is any government or judicial order pertaining to the same, it will be updated. There is no certainty as regards the pan India implementation of NRC. Thus, this should not be considered as a legal advice,” they warned in the disclaimer.

They also tell the difference between the NRC and the NPR (National Population Register). “NPR exercise will be done by door-to-door verification of documents and it is a mandatory exercise to participate in”. They have asked the people to get their electoral verification done before 15th November.

Tanweer said that they have prepared this primer also because a lot of misinformation is doing arounds on the social media, especially on WhatsApp. Hence, they wanted the people to get accurate information related to the issue and remain accurately prepared for the NRC.

“I have been doing these things since 2014. My experience has been that if people are prepared beforehand, they can keep their document safe. In Assam people were prepared because they were called ‘Bangladeshi’ for years. In other parts of India, people are fearful of that. So, they have not kept documents related to it. If tomorrow the NRC exercise is conducted, we will not be prepared,” said Tanweer.


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