Popular Front Strongly Condemn Serial Blasts in Sri Lanka

Relatives of blast victims grieve outside a morgue in Colombo, Sri Lanka on Sunday. — AP

Caravan News

NEW DELHI — The Popular Front of India has strongly condemned the serial blasts on  Easter day in Sri Lanka which took away, according to latest reports, about 290 lives and left more than 500 people injured.

In a press release, Front’s chairman E Abubacker expressed solidarity with the people of Sri Lanka and joined in their grief at this hour of mourning.

Abubacker hoped that the victims of Sri Lankan blasts would receive both domestic and international support by all means as witnessed in the case of recent New Zealand mass shooting.

The details of the serial explosions carried out in Churches and hotels are not known. It is hoped that Sri Lankan agencies would be able to find out those forces that acted behind these terrorist attacks without any time lapse.

Whomsoever be the terrorists who master-minded the Colombo mass murders, whatsoever be their motives in acting so heinously, the whole incident is undoubtedly a crime against humanity, PFI press release added.


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