Police Enters Muslim Homes, Abuses Womenfolk in Balrampur, UP

90-year old Ibrahim was beaten up and Muslim women who were dragged to the police station. Photo: Roznama Sahara)

Caravan Daily News

LUCKNOW — Police entered the homes of Muslims, dragged women folk out of their houses, ransacked their properties  and took them to police station in Balrampur in Uttar Pradesh for allegedly selling “bade ka gosht” (buffalo meat), according to Urdu Daily Rashtriya Sahara.

It is said that the police were tipped about an Scorpio van carrying beef for sale in the city. They prepared a plan to raid the van for which they waited near Swanun Nala. When they spotted the van and tried to stop it, the driver of the van sped away and later abandoned it near Mohalla Yateem Khana near Balrampur nursing Home.

The police reportedly smashed the windows of the van and seized three sacks full of meat. They carried the meat to some unknown place and later towed the van by a crane to the police station.

Later, a huge police team first went to Mohalla Yateem Khana and raided the house of late Mubeen Shah. They could not find any illegal item in the house yet they forcefully took away Mubeen’s two sons and  his daughter-in-law Sona without any female police officer in the whole team.

In the name of searching the neighborhood, Gadarhawa police reportedly raided the house of one Kannu and several other houses around and they took Kannu to the police station. The police ransacked the homes and destroyed their belongings while women folk were humiliated and abused.

In another neighborhood, Mohalla Alijan Pura, the house of Dilawar was raided where woman of the house Zakirunnisa was washing dishes near the door. When police broke into the house smashing the door from outside, she received injuries.

After ransacking the house, police took Zakirunnisa to the station dragging her by her hair. At no stage was any women police officer was involved.

They also detained the 90-year old Ibrahim dragging him to the police station while punching and kicking him. From the same house police also took a girl Shakirah without giving her the chance to put on her hijab. They also detained two Muslim youths Raju and Bablu from the same area.

If the police had seized the van while it was found abandoned and its driver had been missing, why on earth Muslim homes were raided and elderly men, youths and women were taken into custody, wondered the residents.  These incidents have created an atmosphere of fear and unease in the town.



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