Police Complaint Filed against Kannada TV Anchor for Anti-Muslim Rant


During a TV debate, Arun Badgier went ballistic against the entire community inciting Hindus by claiming that they have tolerated for far too long even though Muslims are involved in “wrong things”.

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NEW DELHI – A complaint was filed against a Kannada TV anchor for her hateful tirade against Muslims. He went on with his diatribe against the community for full five minutes without a break during a live debate at Public TV channel.

S Abdul Khader, a resident of KS Rao Nagar in Mulki at Mulki Police Station of Dakshina Kannada district, registered a police complaint against Arun Badgier, the anchor, for the comments he made during a TV show on February 22.

Speaking at the debate, Arun had said: “Although they have no clothing to wear, food to eat, they were not advised to obtain education and grow economically; they were given opportunities to marry 4-5 times and also allowed to make 4-5 children to increase their population that too we tolerated.”

In this prolonged hateful monologue, the anchor went ballistic against the entire community questioning what he called as the “appeasement of Muslims” by the Congress. During this monologue, he made blatant anti-Muslim remarks and incited Hindus claiming that they have tolerated Muslims for far too long even though Muslims are involved in “wrong things”.

“Since the Congress folks are here, there are some questions for them, how much should we tolerate? In 1947, when the partition occurred during the time of independence, Pakistan was given as an Islamic country and our nation was made into a secular country. More than the Hindus, the Muslim side was appeased, that too we tolerated. Hindus have to follow the country’s law, but Muslims have both the country’s law and the Shariah law as well, that too we tolerated. To spread the religion of Muslims, Madrasas were made available to teach the Quran and government funded them as well, that too we tolerated,” he said accused the Muslims of standing by ‘Tukde Tukde Gang’ and dividing the nation.

“If anybody speaks in support of the Hindu religion, they are called communal and if one speaks in support of Muslims, then they are secularists, as labelled by you, is this your stand,” he asked.

He also accused Muslims of supporting terrorists.

“If the Saffron cap is worn, it is thrown away, and they wear Muslim caps, and call themselves secularists, should you be called secularists? In 2008 serial blasts in Ahmedabad, you stand in support of Abu Bashar, calling him innocent. Recently, it was shown he was involved in that and punished, we tolerated this as well,” he went on.

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