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PM Modi’s Statement on Being Sent by God Sparks Backlash 

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NEW DELHI — Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent claim of being “sent by god” has stirred up a wave of backlash and ridicule across social media. 

Modi expressed that the energy he possesses surpasses what a mere biological body can contain, attributing it to a divine source. 

In response to his claim, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi took a swipe at Modi that while the nation was grappling with the COVID crisis and while bodies were piling up on the banks of Ganges, Modi seemed more focused on symbolic acts like lighting lamps or torches to mark the country’s fight against the virus.

“If somebody comes up to you and says such things, what will you say? You will say forgive me brother, you do your work, let me do mine. But his lapdogs are praising the PM and saying he was sent by god. He asked people to clap during the pandemic. When people were taking their last breath outside hospitals, not inside, the Prime Minister – no, not the Prime Minister, but he who was sent by god – was asking people to turn on their mobile phone flashlights,” Rahul Gandhi said.

“While my mother was alive, I believed I was born biologically. But after her passing, reflecting on my life experiences, I am convinced that I was sent by god. The strength I possess is not from my body; it has been bestowed upon me by god. That’s why God has also granted me the abilities, strength, pure-heartedness, and inspiration to do what I do. I am merely an instrument sent by God,” Modi said in an interview with Network18.

In response to this, speaking at an election rally, Rahul Gandhi said, “Kanhaiya Kumar may have vast knowledge on numerous subjects. However, even if he were to confide in me one day that he was not born biologically but sent by god, I would humbly request him not to disclose it to anyone, not even by mistake. Yet, the Prime Minister openly declares that he is not born biologically. He claims that all of you [the people] are biological, and he [Modi] is not.”

Mahua Moitra, who is the Trinamool Congress’ Lok Sabha candidate from West Bengal and a former MP, suggested that the BJP should have put up idols of Narendra Modi in temples instead of Lord Ram. 

taking to the X, Moitra said, “Just saw a clip of Narendra Modi telling us that now that his mother is no more, he truly believes he was born not human but divine, sent to earth to redeem us all. Why Ram Lalla, BJP should be consecrating NaMo Lallas in all temples.”

During his first speech at the new Parliament building in September 2023, Modi had made a similar claim that God had selected him to push forward the Women’s Reservation Bill. 

“In Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s era, the Women’s Reservation Bill was presented multiple times but there wasn’t enough majority to pass it. The dream remained unfulfilled. I might have been chosen by God to fulfil that mission,” he had said.

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