PM Modi Faces Protests Over Human Rights Abuses in India during His Europe Visit


A protest during PM Modi’s visit to Berlin. — Twitter photo

Not only protests, journalists also criticised Modi over the treatment of minorities while covering his visit to Germany.

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NEW DELHI – Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is on a three-day visit to European countries, has faced protests over the incarceration of human rights defenders and violence against minorities in India.

On Monday, when Indian Prime Minister was receiving guard of honors by the German National Guards in Germany, protesters shouted slogans ‘Modi Down Down’. A video surfaced on social media shows some people shouting slogans against Modi when the national anthem was being played.

Reportedly, the Prasar Bharti had posted the video on its social media accounts but later took it down, probably as slogans were being heard against Modi.

Another video surfaced on social media shows protesters carrying photos of activists arrested in connection with the Bhima Koregaon case. They were also carrying the placards reminding Modi of Gujarat’s anti-Muslim 2002 pogrom.

“We don’t let you forget,” said a placard.

Protesters also carried banners saying ‘stop genocide in India’ and ‘India is a fascist state’.

Sharing the video of the protests, a Twitter user said, “Modi faced protests in Berlin for the human rights violations happening in India under his watch. Don’t get fooled by the Indian Media showing a bunch of NRI Sanghis chanting Modi Modi. He faces protests everywhere he goes.”

Not just protests, journalists also criticised Modi over the treatment of minorities while covering his visit to Germany. A reporter wrote about the trampling of rights of Muslim minorities, incidences of hate crimes and demolitions of Muslim houses. Such incidents are cause of concern in Germany, said the reporter.

Genocide alert experts have also reportedly flagged that India is slowly walking towards anti-Muslim genocide.

According to local news channel in Denmark, a group of protesters displayed a banner which says “India is Close to Genocide, Modi Stop Killing Christians, Sikhs and Minorities.”

A protester talking to a reporter said that under PM Modi, India is being pushed towards genocide. Members of his party is calling for genocide but he is not condemning it. “India is no longer a democracy. It’s an autocratic democracy,” she said.

She also criticised Danish government for not raising the issue of human rights with PM Modi.

In Berlin during Modi’s visit, protesters waved placards calling Modi as ‘mass murder’ as “Indian Democracy is Dead.”



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