PM Doesn’t Have Moral Right to Speak on Violence, Corruption: Mamata Banerjee


Banerjee also said that that addressing the issue of corruption does not suit the Prime Minister Modi at a time when he himself is in the midst of corruption.

KOLKATA — In response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi ‘s scathing attack at the ruling Trinamool Congress in West Bengal over the “bloodbath” in the recent panchayat polls in the state, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Saturday said that he does not have the “moral right” to speak on issues like violence and corruption.

“The Prime Minister has spoken about panchayat poll violence in West Bengal. It was actually planned and unleashed by the state unit of BJP. The BJ-backed goons killed about 17 persons during the rural civic body polls. The Prime Minister should first learn political courtesy before saying such things. He has no moral right to speak about violence in West Bengal at a time when he is unable to control the situation in Manipur,” the Chief Minister said in a video message released after the Prime Minister’s virtual address at the eastern regional Panchayati Raj workshop organised by the saffron camp in the state.

Banerjee also said that that addressing the issue of corruption does not suit the Prime Minister at a time when he himself is in the midst of corruption.

“The Prime Minister is speaking against corruption but unable to take action against the corrupt leaders in his own party. From the PM Care Fund to the Rafale deal, there had been corruption everywhere. Even the demonetisation and attempt to privatise public sector units in the country are not above question,” she said.

She went on to say that the Prime Minister should not take the common people for granted and think of them as fools.

“The demonetisation was done to serve the interest of BJP. No national interest was involved behind the demonetization decision. If you want to start somewhere you should start with cleaning up your own party. Why are you not taking action against your own party leaders who are involved in terrorsing the commons and harassing the women? Why are you not taking action against those who are involved in Manipur violence,” the Chief Minister queried.

During his virtual address, the Prime Minister accused the Trinamool Congress of “playing with blood” in the rural civic body polls.

“The entire country has witnessed this game of blood by Trinamool Congress, where not just the BJP supporters and leaders but also the common voters became the onslaught of violence unleashed by Trinamool Congress.

“Despite the massive violence unleashed by the ruling party activists, the BJP candidates had won a number of seats in the panchayat polls. Even after the polls are over, our winning candidates continue to face the onslaughts of the ruling party activists,” Modi added. — IANS

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