People Shot by UP Police during CAA Protests Denied Treatment in Agra Hospital: Family Members

Photos of the deceased and their family members

Families quote hospital staff as saying they had orders from above to not admit victims

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NEW DELHI – Family members of two of those killed in Uttar Pradesh police’s firing during the anti-CAA protests have said that the government hospital in Agra refused to admit the victims due to orders from the higher-ups. Later, when the victims were taken in, they were denied proper treatment there.

“They have shot Shafiq in the head. We rushed him to the trauma care hospital. The hospital refused to admit him and asked us to go to Agra. Then, we took him to Agra and there too, the hospital refused to admit the victim for treatment. They said they could not take him in because it was a police case,” said Rani, Mohammed Shafiq’s wife, talking to Karwan-e-Mohabbat.

Shafiq died on December 26. He was a bangles-maker and a resident of Masroor Ganj in Firozabad. Shafiq was later admitted at the Agra hospital but he was not given proper treatment.

“We used to constantly ask the hospital staff permission to go in and see him. We asked them why was he not being attended to, when will you operate on him, when will you start his treatment, etc. Two or three days later, they asked us to take him to Delhi for better treatment,” Rani said.

She said her husband was not given any treatment. “Doctors did not examine him. Only compounders used to come and checked his condition once a day. He kept fighting for his life for a week without any treatment.”

Family members of another deceased from Firozabad’s Nagla Kothi narrated a similar ordeal to the Karawan-e-Mohabbat. Mubeen Qureshi, father of Mustaqeem Qureshi, shot by the police in the stomach, said that the hospital refused to admit his son when he took him there. The hospital referred the victim to Agra, and there the patient was treated for two days and then sent him to Delhi. In Delhi, he died on December 23.

“When we took him to Agra, they said they have been ordered not to take him in. They said, ‘Take your patient home if you want to’. They said they have orders from higher-ups not to admit him. They eventually took him in and put him in a room,” said an assistant who was with Mustaqeem’s father.

“When we reached Delhi the next day, they said that he had undergone an operation. His flesh had fallen off in places. His organs were taken out and he was lying naked. They had put him on ventilation. He could not speak or do anything. By evening, he died,” said a woman relative of Mustaqeem.


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