Peace is the Plot


Prof. Shah Alam Khan | Caravan Daily

If you love peace, you need to see the channel Republic. You can’t always wait for peace. At times, you have to earn it. Fish it out of the madness which surrounds you all the time. There can be no two opinions on peace, just like you can’t have two suns or two moons. But peace is not about suns and moons. It’s not even about the rainbows which accompany the dark clouds.

It’s about you and me, it’s about us.

It’s about those authors who want to fearlessly write the story of the untouchable Velutha. It’s about those stone pelters who don’t want to be tied on the hot, noisy, bonnets of army jeeps. Peace is also about that soldier who guards manmade borders hoping of a bright future for his daughter who cannot walk. And it’s about those half-fed, naked, happy children who live under the mammoth flyover near the airport, which brings travelers home from their dream trips. Peace is about the unknown river which flows underneath the pavement of our city.

Peace is the intangible nothing, undefinable yet attainable like the mountain of light, the Noor which drives man to love.

If you love peace, you need to see the channel Republic.

So, who owns peace? The Republic? No. You and me.

We own it in our thoughts, in our books of Velutha and Ammu. In our imagination of hope. In our individual zests for azadi. We own it in our souls of Noor. We own it because we have earned it through the rivers and rainbows, through the metaphors of innumerable moons and a billion stars. Peace is valuable because we earned it, to own it.

If you love peace, you need to see the channel Republic. Peace is too precious to be left in the hands of the mad.

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