Passport Torn at Mangalore Airport to Harass Muslim Expat Ahead of Dubai Flight

The torn passport. — GN photo

Indian expatriate Mohammad Hashim claims his wife’s passport was ‘deliberately tampered’ by Mangalore airport staff

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DUBAI — Twenty-eight-year-old Rubeena Hashim was in for a rude shock while travelling back to Dubai from her native place – Kerela. Her husband Mohammad Hashim has alleged that the airport staff had ripped her passport to prevent her from flying back to Dubai.

Rubeena was travelling from the Karnataka airport along with her two kids, Fathima and Noora, both aged four and eight-month respectively, to join her husband who works as a public relation officer for a trading company in Dubai. He had stayed back at their Dubai-based residence on account of work.

The lady allegedly had begged the officials to let her fly, who eventually made her sign a document stating that the Mangalore airport authority would not be accountable if she was barred from entering UAE with a damaged passport. The lady in question was left jeopardized when she realized that her passport had been ripped from the seams at the check-in counter.

Talking to Gulf News, Mohammad said, “Her passport was in very good condition when they left from home and this could only have been done by airport security staff when she entered the airport. As she was entering and presenting her and the children’s passports and tickets to the security officer outside the airport, he told her to proceed and get an airport stroller for the children.”

This is a family shot of Mohammad Hashim, his wife Rubeena and two daughters Fathima, aged four and Noora, aged 8 months.

Allegedly when the lady returned with the stroller, the security officer handed over her tickets and passport but surprisingly her passport had been tampered with.”

When she approached the check-in counter, she was told by the ground staff that she wouldn’t be able to travel with a damaged passport. A point which Mohammad raised while talking to GN, “But if it was damaged, she wouldn’t have been allowed to enter the airport in the first place.” He then added, “She begged and begged and in the end they made her sign a waiver that stated that if she encountered any problems entering the UAE with a damaged passport, Mangalore’s airport authority would not be responsible.”

He had even alleged that the airport authority had even harassed her while penning the letter by saying that the letter had been paraphrased wrong. So, co-travellers helped her draft the letter as she attended her kids, who were getting restless.

“Luckily once she got to Dubai, airport security staff here were very courteous and just told her to get it replaced at the earliest opportunity,” said Mohammad to GN. He further added, “The way they troubled her wasn’t correct, and they should at least respond to my complaint with a review of such behaviour.”

Following this, Mohammad wrote a letter of complaint to the Indian Embassy, Abu Dhabi and has forwarded the same to Mangalore Airport.

Following which the Indian Embassy, Abu Dhabi, issued a statement to GN, stating, “This appears to be a one-off case. No such complaint has been previously received by this embassy. In this case, the matter has been referred to the concerned authorities and the complainant is being kept in the loop.”


  1. First think is we have to be cautious while handing over the passport to any one at the airport and we have to keep an eye always till password comes back to our hands we should not give passport to any officer or security and bring stroller. Always keep your passport with you. It may be mistake or desperately it might have done we cannot rely on any authorities.

  2. Such incidents happen when bigotry is in the minds of people are in the officiating positions. They are actually hurting the innocent people and those who have nothing to do with their own prejudices. So, please be careful of such mischief. These incidences were also observed at Hyderabad airport.

  3. Mr.Hashim should take up the the matter with the MEA Ms.Sushma Swaraj and continue till action is taken on the guilty at Mangalore Airport. It is such terrorists within with hatred within themselves who should be hanged.


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