Partially Blind Young Imam and Wife Brutally Murdered in Haryana

Severely brutalised bodies of the couple were found in the Hujra

Caravan News

SONIPAT – A partially blind young Imam,25, and his disabled wife have been brutally murdered in Gunwar village of District Sonipat in Haryana, according to Urdu Media Monitor.

Severely brutalised bodies of the couple were found in the Hujra [a residential room reserved for the imam] of the mosque in the morning. There are rumours that efforts are being made to cover up the deaths as accidental.

According to reports, few days ago intense arguments had arisen between Muslims and non-Muslims over the wall of the mosque during which youths belonging to Harijan community had allegedly threatened the Imam with dire consequences.

This should be borne in mind that about a year ago an elderly Motakif [a person who spends the last ten days of Ramadan in the mosque] was also murdered inside the mosque. However, it would be too early to make further comments in this regard.



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