Pak troops target 24 LoC posts


Pak-troops-target-24-LoC-posts12 October 2013

MENDHAR –– Twenty-four forward Indian posts from Balnoi Sector to Bhimber Gali (BG) Sector, with in a span of 48 kms, at the Line of Control (LOC) in Mendhar tehsil of Poonch district Saturday evening came under heavy fire from Pakistan side, violating ceasefire for the fourth time in the last 24 hours.

Army confirmed the ceasefire violation and subsequent heavy exchange of fire at the LoC adding that there was no damage or casualty on Indian side.

The exchange of firing stopped at 9.50 PM.

Sources stated that the exchange of fire started when the Pakistan troops opened an unprovoked heavy fire targeting twenty-four forward Indian posts from Balnoi Sector, which comprises India’s last post towards Pakistan side, to Bhimber Gali Sector at around 7.45 PM this evening.

“Entire mother ridge, from Balnoi Sector to Bhimber Gali Sector, spread in an expanse of 48 kms, came under heavy fire from around 20 Pakistan posts. After exercising restraint for some time, Indian troops of 15 Bihar Regiment, 5 Grenadiers, 13 Rajputana Rifles and I Maratha LI manning these posts in Balakote/BG Sector, Mendhar Sector, Balnoi/Mankote Sector too retaliated in an equal measure,” sources stated.

The exchange of fire witnessed heavy artillery firing as both the sides used mortar, rockets, Heavy Machine Guns (HMGs), Light Machine Guns (LMGs) to target each others’ forward posts.

The Indian forward posts being targetted by Pakistan side included six forward posts of Balakote/BG Sector, ten posts of Mendhar Sector and eight posts of Balnoi/Mankote Sector.

Pak troops targeted Indian forward posts 8/5, 8/1, 467 Peer Baba, 638 Balakote forward, Kanga Nallah, Trikundi, in Balakote/BG Sector being manned by 15 Bihar Regiment.

In Mendhar Sector, the forward posts of India, which came under heavy fire, included Shiva, Phagwari, Nanda, Nole, Bangalore, Sher, Kuldeep, Jungle, Shahbaz and Kanyat being manned by 5 Grenadiers.

Sagar, Sona Gali, Ghoda, Chhajja Maan, 471, 470, Patri, Kobra Wali Gali, under the area domination of 13 Rajputana Rifles and First Maratha LI, were Indian forward posts being targeted by Pak troops in Balnoi/Mankote Sector.

“The fire was coming from around 20 Pakistan forward posts, including Kathar, Rud, Deri Dubsy, Khairan and Lanjiote, facing Indian posts in Balakote/BG Sector, Mendhar Sector and Balnoi/Mankote Sector. The exchange of fire stopped at 9.50 PM,” sources added.

However, the Defence Spokesperson said that ceasefire violation took place in the area domination of Bara Singha Battalion (13 Rajputana Rifles) of Balnoi Sector and Mendhar Battalion (5 Grenadiers) of B G Sector from 1830 Hours to 2030 Hours.

“Pakistan army carried out unprovoked firing using small arms, automatic weapons (LMGs, HMGs) and mortars. Indian troops, after exercising restraint for some time, too retaliated strongly, using weapons of similar caliber. But there was no damage or control on Indian side,” he said. –


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