Outrage over ‘The Kerala Story’: Complaint Filed with CMO and Central Govt


The complaint was filed by journalist Arvindakshan B R on Sunday saying that the movie is against the unity and sovereignty of the country

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NEW DELHI – A complaint has been filed with the chief minister office (CMO) of Kerala, state police, Union Information and Broadcast Minister Anuragh Thakur and Central Board of Board of Film Certification (CBFC) chairman Parsoon Joshi seeking investigation into the outlandish claims being made in the teaser with regard to the conversion of women and the joining with terror outfit IS.

The complaint was filed by journalist Arvindakshan B R on Sunday saying that the movie is against the unity and sovereignty of the country.

“It is a very bad thing to try and make the state of Kerala look like a state that supports terrorism through the film. This is not only against the unity and sovereignty of India, but also a disgrace to the country’s intelligence agencies,” said Arvindakshan in his complaint.  

The controversial teaser, which has been slammed by many people on social media, has claimed 32,000 women in Kerala has been converted and inducted into the terror outfit IS in Muslim countries. 

In the teaser, actor Adah Sharma wearing Hijab claimed, “My name was Shalini Unnikrishnan and I wanted to become a nurse and serve humanity. Now I am Fatima Ba, an ISIS terrorist in a jail in Afghanistan. I am not alone. There are 32,000 girls like me who have been converted and buried in the deserts of Syria and Yemen. A deadly game is being played to convert normal girls into dreaded terrorists in Kerala, and that too in the open. Will nobody stop them? This is my story. This is the story of those 32,000 girls. This is The Kerala Story.”

In the complaint, Arvindakshan said that he was shocked by the teaser scene which claimed that 32,000 women was converted into Islam and inducted into the IS.

“The teaser portrays the state of Kerala, a part of India, as terrorist state. The teaser of the movies says that it is a true story set in Kerala. Therefore, I request you to call and inquire the director of the movie, Sudipto Sen, on the basis of which sources this teaser was released,” reads the complaint.

The complaint asked to investigate on which reports of the intelligence agency the film was made. “If the movie, The Kerala Story, is released in theaters or OTT platform with false information, it will have bad consequences in the society…at the same time, I humbly request you that a legal inquiry be conducted as to whether The Kerala Story Teaser was published with the intention of defaming the state of Kerala,” it said.

The complaint demands legal action against the director if he fails to produce official evidence.

In a series of tweets, Arvindaksah further explained that if the claim of 32,000 women from Kerala forcibly converted and turned into ISIS militants in the last 10 years is believed, it means that 9 Kerala women are joining the ISIS movement every day.

“This means that every year 3000 women from Kerala join ISIS, says @adah_sharma, who plays a female victim in The Kerala Story teaser. Do you know how big a shame this is for this country?This movie will cause huge discredit to India,” he tweeted.

This movie should not be allowed to be released in theaters or OTT platforms, even on websites like Youtube… If the Union govt allows the information in this film without verifying its veracity, it will create tension and dire consequences in this society, he said.


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