Oppn Slams Amit Shah for Brutal Attack on JNU Students; Seeks His Sack

Jawaharlal Nehru University Students Union president Aishe Ghosh was left bleeding after an attack by masked miscreants inside the university campus on January 5, 2020. — FB photo

CPI(M) said the President of India, as the Visitor of the University, must immediately sack the Vice Chancellor also and ensure that normalcy prevails on the campus.

Abdul Bari Masoud | Caravan Daily

NEW DELHI — Opposition parties on Monday strongly condemned the brutal attack on the students and teaching faculty of Jawaharlal Nehru University by masked Hindutva goons and put the blame squarely on Union home minister Amit Shah.  Blaming JNU Vice Chancellor too for creating conditions for the attack, the Opposition urged President Ram Nath Kovind to sack the HM immediately.

The Opposition said the entire country witnessed the “state-sponsored goondaism and terrorism” on university campus and this was reminiscent of the Nazi Germany of 1933.

Addressing a press conference, Congress communications in-charge, Randeep Singh Surjewala, dubbed the brutal attacks on JNU campus as “state-sponsored terror and goondaism”.  He said nearly 300 goons wearing masks and brandishing sledge hammers, iron rods, lathis and glass bottles created mayhem on the campus. Surjewala said Amit Shah was “solely responsible for the state sponsored violence, terror and goondaism” at the JNU.

“The person responsible for state-sponsored violence, terror and goondaism at JNU is none less than the home minister of India, Amit Shah.”

He pointed out that, as a first step in a heinous scheme, permit was given to goondas of the ABVP and BJP to enter JNU campus. Thereafter, the gate of the JNU was locked with nod from the JNU administration and the JNU vice chancellor. Then, the goons were given permit  to enter the girls’ hostel, the girls’ rooms etc, and girl students were among those who were beaten up, misbehaved with, abused and insulted.

The Congress spokesman further said these goondas broke the heads of JNU teachers, who were trying to calm things down. He said the HM’s announcement of inquiry was a white lie as it was under his nose that all these had happened.

“This is something! Permit them to break down ambulances, ensure that JNU administration remains in a coma … then, Delhi Police instead of acting against the goons, remains complicit with the goons and then says Home Minister is conducting an enquiry after 12 hours … that is a white lie.”

He said the youths and students have no faith in any enquiry announced by the HM as all these happened with the “tacit” support of the home minister himself. “We demand a judicial enquiry by a sitting Supreme Court judge or a sitting Delhi high court judge, which alone will bring out the truth.”

Surjewala said the entire “goondaism” was staged under the watch of the JNU administration as also the Delhi Police directly controlled by the home minister Amit Shah. Coming down heavily on the PM and the HM, the Congress leader asked what was the enmity they had with students and the youth. “That is the question that Indian National Congress and the people of India ask. Why are you torturing, suffocating, subjugating the youths and students of India under your autocratic and despotic rule?”

He said the manner in which youths and students were being attacked and their voice was being stifled reminded the nation of the Nazi Germany of 1933. “It seems to have come back under the rule of Modi and Amit Shah after 90 years,” he added.

The CPI(M) also blasted the home minister who sought to portray the ABVP goons’ pre-planned attack as a clash between two groups. A party leader pointed out that the video recordings of this rampage, that went viral, and the screenshots of WhatsApp groups like “Unite Against the Left” clearly showed that this attack was preplanned and executed with the full knowledge of the authorities. From the slogans that these outsiders were shouting, it was clear that they were part of the RSS-BJP. These goons must be punished forthwith, he said.

“It is inexplicable that vice chancellor Mamidala Jagadesh Kumar and the university authorities allowed outsiders to go on the rampage for hours before seeking police intervention,” he said.

The CPIM leader sharply criticised the VC, saying Kumar has been instrumental in systematically undermining and dismantling the country’s premier university. “Kumar has permitted this rampage to go on unchecked for hours. He said the CPIM demanded the sacking of the VC. The President of India as the Visitor of the University must immediately sack the Vice Chancellor and ensure that normalcy prevails on the campus.”


On Sunday evening, armed and masked men entered JNU campus in the presence of a big contingent of the Delhi Police and went on a rampage for three hours inside the campus, entering the girls’ hostels and beating up students. JNU Students Union President Aishe Ghosh was grievously injured in the attack and was admitted along with 20 students and teachers at the AIIMS trauma centre.


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