Opinion Poll: Dr Shakil Afridi Should not be Handed Over to the US


Dr-Shakil-AfridiISLAMABAD, Feb 18 (MAMOSA Report) — Latest poll conducted by ‘Gallup Pakistan’ found that a large majority of Pakistanis (81%) oppose US decision to place restrictions over US-assistance to Pakistan, until Dr. Shakil Afridi is released —  the number of Pakistanis who said that the doctor should not be handed over to the US and charged and tried for his crimes in Pakistan is 84%.
A nationally representative sample of men and women, from across the four provinces was asked “Recently, America restricted 3 crore 30 lac dollars that were to be given to Pakistan to combat terrorism, until Dr, Shakil Afridi is released. Do you support or oppose America’s action in the Dr. Shakil Afridi’s case?”
Responding to this, 19% said they support compared to 81% who said they oppose.
Respondents were further asked “Some people are of the opinion that Dr. Shakil Afridi should be handed over to America while others believe that Dr. Shakil Afridi should not be handed over to America rather he should be tried. What is your opinion?”
In response, 14% said should be handed over to America compared to 84% who said he should not be handed over to the US and should be charged and tried in Pakistan; 2% did not respond.
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