“Only Communal Politics…”: Indore BJP Leader Quits Over Citizenship Law

BJP leader from Indore, Usman Patel resigns as councillor and quit party over CAA. — ANI

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NEW DELHI — A BJP leader from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, Usman Patel has resigned as Councillor and quit party in protest over the Citizenship Amendment Act.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s BJP was “doing only communal politics” and ignoring issues like the economic slowdown to “create a rift between people of all religions,” said the councillor after resigning, according to ANI report.

He told ANI: “BJP has moved away from the real issues. It’s doing only communal politics. GDP is going down. Inflation is rising but the party is bringing laws that create a rift between people of all religions.”

“For about 40 years I worked for the BJP with full dedication. However, I had to resign as, with the passage of CAA in parliament, the BJP is going against its own ideology – Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (a Sanskrit figure that translates as “the world is one family”),” Usman Patel said.

Mr Patel isn’t the first BJP leader in the state to speak out against the CAA; last month 80 Muslim BJP leaders surrendered their primary membership, calling the citizenship law a “divisive” measure.

Though Prime Minister Modi has time and again said CAA does not take away anyone’s citizenship, but only gives citizenship. Patel asked: “What was the need to leave out Muslims. CAA, NPR and NTC are linked to each other.”

Patel has sent his resignation to BJP;s Indore city president Gopi Krishna Nema via WhatsApp.

(With inputs from ANI)



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