One More Genocide Call: A Stunt or an Assertion?


Yati Krishanand

The latest to bite the “genocide” bait is Yati Krishnanand. Not much is known about this character from the Hindutva stable except that he is a militant Hindutva leader and disciple of Haridwar Dharam sansad priests.

Rashaé K | Clarion India

Genocide calls were heard for the first time in December 2021, during a gathering of Hindutva hate mongers at Haridwar ironically styled as Dharam Sansad (religious assembly). Ever since, the word “genocide” has become a catchphrase for Hindutva hatemongers in the country.

The talk of spilling Muslim blood seems to be the latest fad of the proponents of militant Hinduism today, so much so that no day passes when a hate priest from the Hindutva firmament does not give a call for massacre of Muslims. The latest to bite the “genocide” bait is Yati Krishnanand. Not much is known about this character from the Hindutva stable except that he is a militant Hindutva leader and disciple of Haridwar Dharam sansad priests who earned the dubious distinction of violence.

What is of significance about Yati Krishnanand is that he, going a step ahead his mentors, has announced a scheduled for the proposed genocide. In a video shared by one, Alishan Jafri, on his Twitter handle, the sadhu declared that the mass killings will start from Purvanachal (East UP).

“We have declared the Dharam Yudh,” he announces in a casual manner amidst chants of “Har-Har Mahadev” invoking Shiva, a well known figure from Hindu pantheon. He uttered these words with a sadistic smile playing on his face as if he was talking about chopping of vegetable, not humans. He oozed a rare confidence throughout the two-minute video clip.

In the rest of the clip, he is seen instigating fellow Hindus to prepare for the fight to the finish. He provokes them by saying that they slept for far too long. “It’s time now to wake up and take on the enemy,” he says.

What’s all the more ominous is the claim that he made to underscore the urgency for an all-out war, “dharam yudh” as he puts it. His claim is that the rival party (read Muslims) is already battle ready. What makes him assume that Muslims are raring to go for a one-on-one confrontation with their Hindu compatriots? He won’t bother to answer the query as long as it serves his purpose to pit Hindus against Muslims.

When the word, ‘genocide’, was used at the Haridwar convention, very few could have understood it in its proper reference to context. Four months have passed since then, but there is no letup in the clamour for genocide. Intermittently, a call for genocide of Muslims has been heard in the country from some place or the other. Of late, the word has become so much in vogue that it seems to have lost its abominable connotation.

Those who indulge in such stunts should know that any genocidal campaign against a 200-million strong community is bound to prove self-defeating for those who initiate it. It will lead to civil war in the country fraught with serious repercussions for the country as whole.

Nevertheless, any misadventure from the Hindutva hotheads can’t be ruled out. In desperation for their political survival they can go to any extent irrespective of the implications of their acts for themselves, if not for the country. Hence, the threat should not be underestimated. However, it may also be true that the Hindutva hegemons testing waters for such a move through a relatively lightweight.

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