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One Held in Agra for Making Video in Muslim Attire to Abuse Hindus

Fact-checker Mohammed Zubair put out the offensive video tagging the Uttar Pradesh Police, DGP and Agra Police.

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NEW DELHI – The police in Uttar Pradesh’s Agra have arrested a man named Dhirendra Raghav after his video abusing the Hindu community donning a Muslim attire went viral.

Police authorities in Agra took to social media platform X to inform about the arrest of Raghav over his video. “Taking immediate cognizance of the above video, the New Agra Police Station team has taken the accused into custody and legal action is being taken,” said the police.

Fact-checker Mohammed Zubair put out the video on Thursday tagging the Uttar Pradesh Police, DGP and Agra Police.

“Dhirendra Raghav pretending to be a Muslim by wearing a skull cap and abusing Hindus. This video is viral on social media with a communal claim to incite Hindus against Muslims,” posted Zubair.

In the video, uploaded on Instagram, Raghav is seen wearing a skull cap and calling Hindus ‘doghla’ (crossbred).

While faking Muslim identity in the video, he said: “You Hindus were spared this time. Otherwise, Rahul would give us a reservation and our mosque will be rebuilt at the temple site in Ayodhya. With Allah’s blessing, our mosque will be built after five years”.

He shamed Hindus for not voting for Narendra Modi even though he built the Ram temple in Ayodhya. He spat two times while shaming Hindus. “Shame on you, if you are not for your own community, you can never be for others,” said Raghav while shaming Hindus in Muslim attire. On Instagram, he has around 50,000 followers.

Some X users have pointed out that the video was shared with them and in their WhatsApp group as a real one. Several people on social media demanded the arrest of Raghav as the video could cause communal tension.

Prominent journalist Samar Halankar said: “These are the worst kind of Indians, trying in desperation to incite Hindus to feel contempt for or attack Muslims. Lock him up and throw away the key (Instead, of course, Modi has been locking away those calling for peace)”.

There have been several such cases recently wherein Hindu men faked Muslim identity to spread hate and abuse Hindus.

In January, the Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force (STF) arrested Tahar Singh and Om Prakash Mishra in connection with a bomb threat to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. The accused had sent the threat through the email address of a Muslim.

The investigation initially revealed that email IDs ‘’ and ‘’ were used to send threatening messages.

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