One God But Different Ways to Attain Him, Says Mohan Bhagwat


NEW DELHI —  RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Friday batted for communal harmony, saying that India would deliver to the world the message that “there is one God but different paths to attain Him”.

He further underlined the Vedas’ acknowledgement of various paths undertaken by people to realise spiritual truth and asserted that the world needs this understanding at this time of conflicts.

In his remarks after releasing the Hindi and Urdu translations of “Samveda” here, he said: “One should not fight over different means and this is the message which is relevant for all and is something that India has to offer to others.”

Bhagwat quoted various parables from to ancient sacred texts to stress that the same truth can be perceived differently by different people.

Citing a story, he said various persons can approach the top of a mountain using different paths. While they may believe that others have taken the wrong way, the one on the top can see that everybody is climbing towards the same goal, he said.

The Urdu translation of the third of the Vedas has been done by film writer and director Iqbal Durrani, who has been associated with various big budget Hindi movies. — IANS


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