Oath-taking Ceremony — Badri Raina



BADRI RAINA | Caravan Daily

I solemnly swear by

The Constitution that once

I am sworn in as minister,

The Constitution will be thrown

Into the dustbin of secular

History, and a new Constitution

Born that will install upon

Court-House and Parliament

A flag of one hue and one intent.


For wasted decades have we

Sought to defeat, without success,

Through reason and democracy

The uni-dimentional cussedness

Of our neighbor, but to no avail;

Now it is best that we learn to be

Like them on a more massive scale

So that our lust for victory is  not

Thwarted by the virus of plurality.

This oath that I take, therefore,

Is a necessary chore to dismantle

The edifice that has brought us

To this  grim consequence where

Everyone lays claim to the nation

Which from ancient texts we

Know belongs only to some.

Thus even as I chant this secular

Oath, I mutter with a deeper breath

Jai Bhagwa, Jai Saffron,

Jai Hindu Pakistan.


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