Now, Your Wallet Gets Smart


A Chennai-based firm is developing a wallet that allows users to locate it easily

HAVE you ever misplaced your wallet and wondered if there was a device to beep it so it miraculously found its way back to you? Chennai-based Cuir Ally has developed Voyager, a crowd-funded smart wallet that uses a combination of a smart chip and Bluetooth technology to provide users a smart wallet experience.

Satyaraj, head of operations at Cuir Ally says, “It is being developed in collaboration with — a Bengaluru-based platform that helps fund innovations. The wallet uses Chipolo smart chip technology and has a chip that syncs with the phone via an app. It ensures that the phone gets an alert if you forget your wallet and walk away. It can be used to find your phone and ring it, even when the phone is on silent mode. It is available in three colours — black, blue and brown,” say the creators. It costs Rs 2,100, and is available on

They add, “Apart from these functions, it also allows users to take a selfie with the wallet. It has thumb-friendly vertical card slots. It comes with an inbuilt pen holder, notepad and a passport slot. In addition to this, it has a SIM card and SIM tool slot, offers space for boarding passes and fits all types of currencies.”

Ranganath Thota, Founder and CEO,, that helped crowd-fund the project says, “The Voyager combines cutting-edge tech and convenience. It has been a huge success. We are happy to have provided a platform to aid in the project.”


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