Now Mubarak Ansari Lynched in Jharkhand’s Bokaro on Theft Allegation

People gathered after getting the news of Mubarak Ansari’s death due to mob-lynching.

Waquar Hasan | Caravan Daily

BOKARO — A mob beat to death a 48-year-old Mubarak Ansari after tying him to a pole at night on Thursday, over suspicion that he stole a battery in Jharkhand’s steel city here. His associate, Akhtar Ansari, who was also beaten up, was critically injured in the attack and he has been admitted to a hospital. Five men were arrested on the charges of murder and attempt-to-murder.

Social activist Afzal Anis, who met the police, told Caravan Daily that the killing happened in Govindpuri colony which came under the Therman police station limits. The victims, both labourers, resided in Nai Basti area.

“Late at night, one Chander Yada, who was returning from his duty, told the people in the village over the phone that Mubarak and Akhtar were being beaten up. Some people from the village, namely Karim, Lal Mohammed, Ainul Ansari and Quddus rushed to the spot and came face-to-face with a gang of about 25-30 people in a belligerent mood there.

“They were keeping Mubarak and Akhtar tied to a pole. Both were seriously injured in the attack on them by the mob. We called up the police, which reached there soon and took the victims to the hospital. Mubarak, whose neck and jaw were broken, died as soon as they reached the hospital,” Anis said.

The police lodged an FIR on a complaint from Akhtar, who reportedly confessed in the FIR that the two had gone to Govindpuri to steal battery. Akhtar said the two were beaten up with a stick by Prem Chandra Mahto, his sons and his wife Naina Devi after they caught the two with the stolen battery. They called more people, who also beat up both the victims of the attack.

Mubarak Ansari, 48, and Akhtar Ansari, 25, were attacked in Bokaro’s Govindpur when they were returning home. — Media photo

The police arrested Mahto and his sons Kundan and Nandan, wife Naina Devi and one Hemlal Mahto. The FIR also carries the names of six more accused.

Anis said he along with a delegation met the ASP and sought strict action against the culprits and adequate compensation to the victims’ families. The delegation also urged the police to ensure proper treatment to Akhtar, as many lynching victims in the past died because the police did not swiftly arrange proper treatment.

In a video shared by Anis to Caravan Daily, the wife of Mubarak, Farizan Khatoon, was seen rejecting the allegation of theft. She said Mubarak had gone to his farm for some work late at night.

Earlier, there had been personal fights with the accused in the present case as the family used to throw away discarded wine bottles into his field. When he warned them against this, a clash took place. They caught hold of his collar, and he slapped them twice, the wife said.

Jharkhand has witnessed several lynching incidents in recent times, all of which caught national and international attention. In June, 23-year old Tabrez Ansari was lynched in Saraikel-Khersawan area on the allegation of a motorcycle theft. The lynching of Ramgarh and Latehar caused outrage all over the country.


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