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Now, Hindutva Groups Demand Ban on Halal Meat in Karnataka

Halal products

BENGALURU – After calls for ban on halal products in Karnataka grew, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on Wednesday said that the state government would spell out its stand after studying the issue.

In the latest campaign targeting Muslims, Hindutv organisations and BJP leaders in the state have begun raising objections to sale of halal meat to Hindus. The development comes in the wake of the recent ban calls made by the right wing groups on Muslim shops and stalls at Hindu religious fairs and temple premises in the coastal regions of Karnataka.

Halal meat is prepared as per Muslim religious rites and all Muslims are supposed to consume only halal meat. With the meat and poultry sold in Muslim shops also prepared as per halal customs, right wing organisations are calling on Hindus to boycott such shops. They describe sale of halal meat to Hindus as a form of economic jihad.

“The issue has to be studied in its entirety,” Bommai told media persons on Wednesday. The Chief Minister said that the state government will examine the serious objections raised in some quarters over the issue.

“There are no rules as such. It was a practice that was going on. Now, serious objections are raised. We will look into it,” he said.

Bommai refused to be drawn into the controversial calls for boycott of halal meat, being raised by Hindu right wing groups in the state. Pointing out that similar campaigns have been organised. “We’ll respond to those who need a response,” he said. -IANS

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