Now, An Autobiography Of Dubai!


dubaiDUBAI, Jan 5 – Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, crown prince of Dubai, Sunday launched a year-long initiative to create an “autobiography” of Dubai through social media.

Open for all of the Dubai’s residents and visitors, the initiative encourages people to capture the real life dynamics of this member of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and share the most compelling moments they experience.

People are invited to contribute by using the hashtag #MyDubai, and will be able to introduce the unique values and culture of the emirate to the world through social media, which has become one of the most important channels through which the world observes Dubai.

Commenting on the launch of the project, Sheikh Hamdan said the #MyDubai initiative would tell the real and human stories of the city through photographs and videos.

Sheikh Hamdan invited the emirate’s residents and visitors to participate in the #MyDubai campaign, by sharing images and videos on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag.

The crown prince stated that the passion for the emirate that exists amongst both UAE nationals and the communities of more than 200 nationalities living in Dubai is an often untold part of Dubai’s success, saying,

“Our achievements are driven by a positive energy and spirit that is felt by everyone who lives in our emirate, inspiring creativity and harmony and uniting more than 200 nationalities,” he stated.

“In the fabric of Dubai there are more than 2.1 million stories – the individual lives and experiences of all those who call Dubai home. A city’s story is created by its people and as we look towards a prosperous future, it’s time to join together and show the world how 2.1 million people can create one remarkable story. Together we will create the world’s first autobiography of a city.”

It is intended that photographs and video submitted on social media channels will document the experience of living in Dubai.

A specialised team will work on the project, curating people’s contributions for use across different media platforms. —IANS/WAM


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