Nobody Moves a Finger on Tragedy of Indian Muslims, Says Oman Grand Mufti


OIC, global community and rights organisations urged to take note of the plight of Muslims in India

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NEW DELHI – Grand Mufti of Oman Ahmed bin Hamd al-Khalili has called upon the global community, international human rights groups and Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to pay attention to the tragedy of Muslims in India.

In a statement on Twitter handle, Al-Khalili, who has a significant following in the Islamic World, lamented that the world was ignoring the tragedy of Muslims in India which is “happening right under their noses.”

“Where are the international human rights organisations and where are the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and its general secretariat? asked Al-Khalili in his tweet.

“The tragedy of Muslims in India is continuing on under the eyes of all the world, but nobody moves a finger, so where are the international human rights organisations?! Where are the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and its general secretariat,” Al-Khalili’s tweet said in Arabic.

The Grand Mufti did not mention any particular issue which triggered this statement. But he was referring to the overall situation of Muslims in India. His statement came at a time where there was an ongoing outrage against the Uttarakhand government’s plan to demolish around 5,000 homes in Haldwani’s Muslim majority area following the high court order.

However, the plan has been put on hold by the Supreme Court.

Videos of local residents, including women and children, protesting against the planned demolition of their homes and seeking help went viral on social media.

“When the world’s conscience awaken? When will the Muslims awaken? How much we are! May that happen soon,” said Al-Khalili.

He also reminded the Muslim World of its responsibilities, based on the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), to offer a helping hand to the Muslims facing persecution.

Al-Khalili’s statement has drawn lots of reactions from prominent people. Abdullah Alamadi, an author and a columnist, said: “Al-Khalili is one of the few people who stand against the oppression of Muslims of India.”

Another author Dr. Muhammad al-Hachimi al-Hamidi lauded Al-khalili for his statement calling it “courageous word of truth.” He also urged religious leaders in other Gulf countries to issue similar statements on the harassment of Indian Muslims.

 In September 2021, Al-Khalili also made a statement calling on the world to stop blatant aggressions on Muslim citizens at the hands of government-supported extremist groups.

“I appeal – in the name of humanity – to all peace-loving countries to intervene to stop this aggression, and I also appeal to the Islamic Ummah as a whole to stand united in this matter,” he added.

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