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No Non-Veg Food in DU’s Hansraj College Hostel

Hansraj College.(photo:Facebook)

NEW DELHI – Hansraj College, one of the most famous colleges of Delhi University, has stopped serving non-vegetarian food to the students in its hostel.

Giving information in this regard, the college administration said that the decision was taken with the commencement of offline classes for the first time after the Covid-19 pandemic by the concerned committee.

Along with this, the college accepted that students were not given prior information about the changes made in the hostel’s menu and said that it should have been discussed.

The administration further said that no complaint had been received so far from any student regarding the non-provision of non-veg food.

It is not clear when and on whose orders the non-veg food was banned.

The administration apprised that the non-veg food was never served in the college canteen, and was later banned in the hostels due to the pandemic.

Some people associated with the university said that during the pandemic and after the lockdown was lifted, students themselves were seen abstaining from non-vegetarian food for a long time.

The merit list of the college goes up to 99 per cent for admission to undergraduate courses. -IANS

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