No Muslim Detained in Haryana School Bus Attack, Say Police Puncturing Vicious Propaganda

School children cowering inside the bus to save themselves from the stones throwned by protesters against film Padmaavat in Haryana on 24 Jan 2018.


Caravan News

GURUGRAM: The Haryana Police on Friday punctured the vicious propaganda of some Hindu right groups and their sympathizers that some Muslims were arrested for pelting stones on a school bus full of children here on Wednesday when members of Karni Sena were on burning spree protesting against the film Padmaavat.

While TV channels put the blame for the school bus attack on the Karni Sena, its leaders denied the charge. They even went ahead to say that such act can’t be done by Hindus, let alone Karni Sena, hinting that ‘others’ could be involved in it. And to strengthen their point, a fake news item was circulated on Whatsapp and other social media platforms that five Muslims were among those arrested for the attack. That fake news was tweeted by several eminent sympathizers of Hindutva including Madhu Purnima Kishwar.

But puncturing the two-day long propaganda, the Haryana Police issued a clarification on Friday: “This is to clarify that no Muslims boys have been detained in relation to the recent acts of vandalism on a Haryana Roadways bus and a School bus in Gurugram.” At least 18 people were arrested for the attack.

Soon after the clarification from the police, Kishwar apologized for circulating the fake news and deleted it from her twitter handle.

For the school bus attack, Karni Sena came under huge attack from even those who had till then maintained silence on their weeks-long violent protests against the film in half a dozen states.


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