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BADRI RAINA | Caravan Daily

A conspiracy seems afoot

To prove Moody’s wrong;

Why else would a million farmers

Capital streets throng?


They no longer seem fragmented,

Gullible, superstitious,

But bunched up as a nasty class,

Armed with awareness.


They think, having cast a vote,

They have a right to know

Why their oppression increases

The more food they grow.


They think, having cast a vote,

The government is theirs;

But they are merely pedestrians,

Destined to live with cares.


Imagine if people thought

Government was for them;

The Republic would overturn,

Root, branch, and stem.


We own Bharat Mata,

They merely till the lands;

We reap the riches of sentiment,

They scrape with their hands.


But they march in a wall of strength,

Formidable in their act;

God alone save government

When the peasant knows his fact.


Their suicidal antics having failed

To blackmail our reason,

They gather in fearsome mass

In bold and collective treason.


It is now the Prime-Time truth—

Our Ratings friends have said it—

Our advance is ahead of all,

One colossus having led it.


Let us then to Moody’s rush

For a new, canny recipe

That may yet hoodwink the mass

And enhance our longevity.


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