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Nepal Prevents Airing of TV Show Episode Satirising PM Narendra Modi

Nepal has stopped the telecast of one of the episodes of a popular satirical TV show on its national channel for reportedly caricaturing Prime Minister Narendra Modi who visited the country twice within four months.

Nepal Television (NTV) prevented the telecast of one of the episodes of TV show ‘Tito Satya’, meaning bitter truth, yesterday.

The NTV’s editorial board withdrew 576th episode of the show, citing that some part of the episode needs to be edited, Prakash Jung Karki, Programme Director of the television channel, said.

There is a caricature of PM Modi, but I do not think there is anything that damages the image of the Indian Prime Minister, Karki said.

The show will be telecast next Thursday after some editing in the episode, he said.

However, reports said that the episode was not aired for caricaturing PM Modi.

Mr Modi has become popular in Nepal after his two visits to the country within a period of four months.

After he assumed office in May, Mr Modi became the first Indian premier to visit Nepal in 17 years when he made his first visit to the country in August.

Nepal and India have signed a number of agreements on various projects with an investment totaling USD 3 billion during the two visits of PM Modi.

“It is against the freedom of expression and our constitutional rights,” said Deepak Raj Giri, Producer and popular comedian of the show.

“In a democratic country, we have all rights to enjoy and satirize anyone,” said Mr Giri in a facebook post. — NDTV/PTI

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