Former President of India Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed’s nephew Ziauddin Ali Ahmed and his wife in their home in Kamrup district of Assam. (Photo –

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GUWAHATI: Even though Assam’s National Register of Citizens was prepared under the watch of Supreme Court of India, more than four million people, including several former MLAs and MPs were not included in the draft list. Now reports say family members of fifth President of India Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed also could not make to the list.

Ziauddin Ali Ahmed, son of former President Fakaruddin’s brother Lt Ekramuddin Ali Ahmed, could not find his family members’ names in the final draft published on Monday. The family, hailing from Rangia in Kamrup district of Assam, is now in disbelief.

Of the 3.29 crore applicants to the NRC list, only 2.89 crore people could make to the list, leaving 40 lakh people out.

The rules of the NRC required every individual to prove that they or their ancestors entered the country before the midnight of March 24, 1971. To do this, they must produce proof that the ancestor lived in the country before that date and link data proof that they are related to the ancestor. For this purpose, the 1951 NRC and all electoral rolls up to March 24, 1971, were digitized.

Reports say family of Ziauddin Ali Ahmed, the late president’s nephew, could not find any of their ancestors, including the former president, on the 1951 NRC or any of the electoral rolls up to 1971.

Reports say most of the excluded 40 lakh people are Bengali-speaking.

Soon after the final draft of NRC was published Monday morning, the political opposition has strongly criticized the BJP government of the Centre and Assam state for the mass exclusion. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has even warned that such mass exclusion of people may lead to a civil war. Meanwhile, BJP president Amit Shah has reportedly boasted of the NRC performance and said it is key to security of the country. Even though the Supreme Court has ordered against any coercive action against those excluded from the list, Shah has reportedly declared them ‘illegal’ and ‘infiltrators’.

While the NRC authorities have announced process for fresh application from those excluded, TV channels have run amok on the issue and broadcast provocative and irresponsible contents on the subject. Several leading Hindi channels declared the 40 lakh people as ‘infiltrators’ and ‘Bangladeshis’.

Sensing the gravity of the situation, the Supreme Court of India on Tuesday made it categorically clear that no authority will take any coercive action against those whose names are missing in the final draft of Assam NRC.

The SC order asking the central and state authorities not to take any coercive action against the excluded people was passed by a bench of Justices Ranjan Gogoi and R F Nariman.

The bench further ordered that a standard operating procedure to deal with the claims of those excluded should be framed and furnished before the apex court on 16th August.

Population of Assam As Per Census 2011
Total Population 3,12,05,576
Hindu 1,91,80,759
Muslim 1,06,79,345
Christian 11,65,867
Sikh 20,672
Buddhist 54,993
Jain 25,949


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