Nagpur Surgeon Arrested for Advocating Genocide of Muslims

Nagpur surgeon

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NAGPUR – Giving an open call for genocide of Muslims on social media cost an Islamophobic orthopedic surgeon dear. Thanks to prompt action of the local police, he is now cooling his heels behind the bars.

Emboldened by the ongoing atmosphere of hate in the country, Dr Satish Sonar, an orthopedic surgeon in Nagpur, called for genocide of Indian Muslims.

Taking cognizance of the offence, Gittikhadan police arrested him on Sunday on a complaint by a resident of Anant Nagar, Nagpur, Shabaz Siddique (39). Siddique cited his incendiary posts on Facebook and Twitter inciting people to carry out massacre of Muslims.

A tweet appearing on Dr Satish’s Twitter handle, On April 23, read: “Now since ,Radical, Islamist and anarchist journos and illegitimate Citizens are talking about so called Islamophobia and Genocide… So let’s begin it, prove them right. Wipe out the Bastards from the Map.”

While the rightwing extremist doctor’s posts are loaded with sectarian bias, his tweet on incarcerated Jamia student Safoora Zargar has a tinge of misogyny. Safoora Zargar, who participated in anti-CAA protests, is kept under illegal detention in Tihar.

The bigot went to the extent of calling the hapless girl, who is three-month pregnant, a “prostitute”.

Acting promptly on the complaint of Shabaz Siddique, the police arrested the Islamophobic monster and booked him under section 295(A), 505 (2), 294, 188 of the Indian Penal Code.

Not too long ago, a similar call was given by an English daily ‘Star Of Mysore’. Through an editorial piece, drawing an analogy of “Bad apples in the basket” to describe Muslims, the paper had given a a justification for genocide of the community.

It’s high time such divisive elements were nipped in the bud. If this tide of sectarian hatred is allowed to thrive, a policy adopted by the ruling establishment in the country, the time is not far when the entire country will engulf in a civil war. Muslims may face an immediate threat, but at stake will be the survival of the country.


  1. I think this Bastard satiish B sonars father might accidentally be a Muslim so he has tweeted against Muslims


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