Muslims Were Never Targeted in Such a Brutal Manner in UP



The Yogi Adityanath Government in Uttar Pradesh seems to have declared an open war on the 20-million Muslim population of the state virtually giving the men in uniform the licence to kill and target unarmed protesters against the controversial Citizenship Amendment law and NRC

Abdul Bari Masoud | Caravan Daily

NEW DELHI – For the past two weeks, Uttar Pradesh with a population of more than 20 million Muslims — the largest Muslim concentration in country — has been witnessing unprecedented police brutalities against the community and those protesting against new citizenship law. The scenario is by far the worst in living memory.

There had been attacks on Muslims in the state now and then, but the community was never targeted in such a brutal manner, treating them as “enemies’ and on such an unprecedented scale.  Even during the peak of the violent Ramjanmbhoomi agitation by Hindus in the state, Muslims were not subjected to this level of persecution and suppression, reckon community elders.

Videos of police brutalities are coming in especially from Lucknow, Meerut, Muzzafarnagar and Bijnore among other places. Aside of the draconian measures from the establishment like imposition of prohibitory orders, an internet ban etc, the police’s chilling actions on the ground are coming to the fore, one after another. The police action was such that you get the message the state was waging a war on a very sizable segment of the state’s population.

The blood-thirsty police, without any fear of accountability and law, were seen stamping their feet through the streets, barging into homes, destroying properties, beating up the residents, abusing them, and telling them to leave the town. They were chasing protesters, beating them up and opening fire, with at least 20 persons killed in different incidents.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, who talked in terms of revenge, defended the police brutalities by saying they were defending the state from miscreants. He has instructed his cops to show no mercy in dealing with them.  Properties are being attached on a daily basis, with Muslim residents being imposed hefty fines –even Rs 50lakh — by way of payment for the ‘damage’ done.

Out of 21 people dead in the state amid the protests, 18 died of bullet injuries. All of them were Muslims. The UP police arrested 879 people and detained over 5,400 others until Wednesday.

Activists have collected the data of the cities most-affected towns and cities brutalized by the police and other security forces, which gives an idea about the shocking and horrific details of police atrocities. It goes thus:


  • Death – 3 (due to gunshot injuries)
  • Injured – 20 (9 gunshots)
  • Arrested – 13
  • Detained – 729
  • Unidentified booked – 21,500 (across 15 police stations )
  • Property destruction – several vehicles and one police outpost were torched
  • Begumjung Police station – On December 21, nearly a hundred police personnel can be seen breaking open the shutter of shops and damaging parked vehicles
  • Babupurwa Police Station – All 3 deaths occurred in Babupurva Police Station area.


  • Deaths – 2 (due to firearms injury)
  • Arrested – 153 (Nagina PS – 83, Nehtaur – 70)
  • Total Detained – 104 (20.19.2019)
  • Minor detained – 21 (from 20.12.2019 to 22.12.2019)
  • Unidentified booked – 3000 people
  • Property – UP Police ransacked and vandalized several houses and vehicles
  • Nehtaur Police Station – UP Police harassed women and threatened their children to elicit information on the whereabouts of the male members of their families
  • The youngest person detained on the night of the 20th December was aged only 13 and kept in custody for 2 days.
  • Nagina Police Station – Detainees including minors were beaten and harassed at detention centre and en route to the court. However, 21 minor were released on December 22 without filing charges against them.
  • Senior police officers of Bijnor admitted that a civilian was killed in police firing from the service pistol of a constable.


  • Arrested – 72 (40 students from SaadatMadarsa)
  • Total named – 262
  • Unidentified booked -3000
  • Property – More than 67 shops sealed in Muzaffarnagar after ‘Revenge’ Warning’ from Chief Minister
  • Property seizure receipt for not paying land tax in Meenakshi Chowk was issued by district admin dated 19.12.2019
  • 70-100 policemen allegedly broke the lock of 74-year-old Anwar Ilahi’s home and completely destroyed the property
  • Rs. 3.5 lakh was stolen by the police from the house
  • Mobile and landline Internet blockade since 19.12.2019
  • Total 26 FIRs has been filed ever since


  • Arrested – 26 (FIR no. 272/2019)
  • Total named – 36
  • Unidentified booked – 1000+
  • Detained – 60+ (On the night of 20.12.2019 for next two days)
  • Cellphones of detainees were taken and Facebook &Whatsapp chat checked without permission
  • Property –  Gorakhpur admin sent show cause notices to 33 people which might lead to imminent seizure of their property


  • Death – 5 persons
  • Arrested – 43 persons
  • Total named – 172 (Total 15 FIRs)
  • Property – The worth of damage to property was assessed to be at Rs 14lakh and the district administration blamed 141 people for the damages. Show cause notices were issued, which may lead to property seizure
  • Lasadi Gate police station area was the worst- affected by riots


  • Death – 2 persons (Including SP Leader Shafiqur R. Barq and Feroz Khan)
  • Arrested – 30 persons
  • Total Named – 19 persons
  • Unidentified booked – 250+ persons
  • Property – A state transport bus set on fire and another was vandalized


  • Death – 1 person (MohdWakeel died due to firearm injury)
  • House Arrests –1000+ persons (including SandeepPandey)
  • Toral named – 54 (FIR No. -600 & 601 of 2019)
  • Property – Procedure to seize property of alleged protesters has been started by the district administration
  • Journalist Omar Rashid of The Hindu and his friend were detained by Hazaratganj police
  • Mohd Shoaib was arrested by Aminabad police and his wife – Arundhati Dhuru, activists Meera Sanghamitra and Madhvi Kukreja were detained for several hours when they went to the police station to inquire about Shoaib.
  • A Team of TMC workers was detained


  • Death – 6 persons (including 8 year old Mohd. Sageer)
  • Arrested – 218 persons
  • Total named – 57 persons
  • As many as 69 activists were arrested on December 19, after they staged a peaceful demonstration.  Fifty-six of them have been charged with grievous crimes such as violent rioting etc.
  • Police contends that eight- year- old Mohd. Sageer died in stampede but media and ground reports say otherwise


  • Death – 1 person (Due to firearms injury)
  • Arrested – 33 persons (FIR no. 655 & 832 of 2019)
  • Total Named – 150 persons
  • Property – Notices issued to 28 persons after a total damage of nearly Rs. 25 lakh was assessed.


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