Muslims Urged to Fight Islamophobia with Universal Values of Islam


Lecture series on ‘Muslim Response to Islamobhobia’ brings together scholars, journalists and community leaders

Team Clarion

NEW DELHI – Muslim intelligentsia from different walks of life in India have called upon the community members to fight the rise of Islamobhobia across the world with true teachings and universal values laid down by Islam for humanity.

In an ongoing online lecture series organised by Hidayat Production, Islamic scholars, journalists and community leaders talked on ‘Muslim Response to Islamobhobia’. They urged Muslims not to get provoked when some anti-social elements makes derogatory comments about Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) in any part of the world and react to it with the way Islam proposes.

Former Vice-Chancellor of Maulana Azad Urdu University (MANUU) Aslam Parvaiz explained those teachings of Islam which promotes universal brotherhood.

“People nurse hatred for Muslims because of the behaviours which are not part of Islam at all. These things crept into Islam. They have nothing to do with the Quran. They are neither found in the Quran and nor in the Prophet’s life. But it has become part of our society,” said Parvaiz.

Quoting the verses from the Quran, he explained the inclusive teachings of Islam. He said that the holy book endorses all prophets, calls for human brotherhood and human dignity for all. The Quran has been revealed for the entire human being. But these inclusive teachings of Islam are missing from the Muslim society.

Maulana Sajjad Nomani, spokesperson of All India Muslim Personal Law Board, said that Islamobhobia is a form of animosity towards Islam. There has always been a battle between the truth and the evil. Islamophobia is a recent form of this evil.

 “There are people who have animosity towards Islam and they are doing propaganda against it. This is called Islamophobia. There has been the enemy of Islam always and it will remain eternally,” he said.

Talking about the blasphemy, he urged Muslims not to get provoked and show patience in such situations when Islam and Prophet Muhammed are abused by anti-Islam forces. He said that despite propaganda, Islam is rapidly spreading in Western countries. Even, Western leaders acknowledge this fact.

Syed Saadatullah Husaini, President of the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, said it is claimed that our country is suffering from communalism, not Islamophobia. But this is wrong to say. It is propagated that Muslims came from outside and they are not the original inhabitants of this country. But the fact of the matter is that they are part of this society ever since the Indian society came into existence.

Nowadays, Muslims are being ghettoized in particular areas through communal violence. Non-Muslim society is becoming strange from Muslims. There is a need to counter this ghettoization and mingle with other communities, he said.  Journalist Aditya Menon said that he has converted to Islam recently. He did not experience Islamophobia the way other Muslims have experienced in their day to day lives. However, he now realises that how in their earlier lives, people used to have Islamobhobic thinking and make such comments.

He said he met such people who used to say that Muslims should be thrown into the ocean. But the moderates used to say that we can’t throw them out, rather we can disenfranchise them.

He said Islamophobia is being used in India by the Hindutva forces to unite different castes under Hindu fold. “Brahmins have to devise a Muslim threat to bring the oppressed castes under Hindu fold. This Muslim threat is one of the biggest tools for the Brahmins to keep control over the oppressed castes. Islamophobia serves this purpose. It’s no coincidence that when V.P. Singh government implemented the Mandal commission, at that time, Ram temple agitation started”, he added.


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