Muslims in Kerala Clean Flood-Hit Temples; Provide Shelter to Shelterless Hindus Inside Mosques

Volunteers of Samastha Kerala Sunni Students Federation (SKSSF) cleaned up the Ayyappa temple at Kolpadam after the deluge. — Photo: Onmanorama

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KOZHIkODE — Muslim organizations and individuals are taking a lot of efforts to clean up temples hit by devastating floods in the state. Muslims came forward to clean mudied temple to show that their brotherhood link is intact in times of calamity.

At Kolpadam, Thenkara, near Mannarkkad in Palakkad district, volunteers of Samastha Kerala Sunni Students Federation (SKSSF) cleaned up the Ayyappa temple on Sunday.

The selfless efforts by these volunteers are being lauded across the state.

“This is our land, and our volunteers are always ready to take up any mission for Kolpadam.  After  cleaning the colonies in Palakkad and Pattambi, we got information that the temple needs cleaning as its premises resembled a muddy field. We checked with the temple authorities if they had any any problem if we clean it,” said Shabeer K, a volunteer who took part in the initiative.

A Vishnu temple at Venniyode in Wayanad and a shrine dedicated to Lord Ayyappa at Mannarkkad in Malappuram, inundated due to the floods, were also cleaned by Muslim volunteers.

A team of 18 youths entered Venniyode Sree Maha Vishnu temple in Wayanad, which was inundated by waters from the Venniyode River, and cleaned up even the walls of the sanctum sanctorum on Monday. The temple was filled with mud and silt, report Times of India.

Elsewhere in the state Muslims even provided shelter to Hindu community members, who were rendered homeless in the wake of recent floods, inside mosques even.

A mosque in northern Malappuram, one of the worst-hit districts, has offered shelter to 17 displaced Hindu families, including women, children and the elderly.

The Juma Masjid, located at Akampadam in Chaliyar village, has virtually turned a relief camp since the second spell of rains started to devastate the northern districts on August 8. About 78 Hindus were give shelter in the mosque premises.

Breaking the barriers of religion and caste, the displaced people were given space to sleep inside the mosque, provided food prepared at its canteen and given rice, pulses and other essential materials when they returned home, according to reports.

The worst floods to hit Kerala since 1924 have claimed around 370 lives since monsoon rains began on May 29 and displaced hundreds of thousands this month.





  1. The State of Kerala with her 56% Hindus-24% Muslims and 19% Christians was a land of great harmony which was envious for the north Indian Hindutva politicians. They want to divide and rule.

    See at this great crisis faced with Kerala, the religious harmony is getting far stronger. Congratulations and GOD’s blessings.


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