Muslims Donate Land for a Temple in Tamil Nadu, Promote Religious Harmony


Community effort highlights unity in Tiruppur’s Padiyur village

Team Clarion

NEW DELHI – In an inspiring display of religious harmony, a group of Muslims in Padiyur village in Tamil Nadu’s Tiruppur donated three cents of land for the construction of a Vinayakar (Ganesha) temple in the village. This generous act was prompted by the realisation that while the village, home to around 300 families, had a mosque, there was no temple for Hindu devotees.

The decision to donate the land, valued at Rs 6 lakh, was made by the RMJ Rose Garden Muslim Jamaat. Following the construction of the temple, members of the Muslim community actively participated in its inauguration and consecration ceremonies, further emphasising the spirit of unity.

“Three months ago, the society gave us a part of the land. We collected Rs 10 lakh through donations from local people and panchayat presidents and built the temple,” a resident said.

During the consecration ceremony, Muslim friends donated Rs 30,000 for ‘Annadanam’ (a charitable meal), he said.

This initiative not only fulfilled a religious need but also strengthened communal bonds. A local noted that the Hindu and Muslim communities live together in brotherhood in the village.

Highlighting the community’s unity, another resident said: “After the Hindus got the land and built the temple, the Muslims of the village brought traditional ‘Sirvarisai’ to participate in the inauguration ceremony and shared food, showing religious harmony.”

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