‘Muslims are Ruthless’: Student Hounded with Islamophobic Slurs in Rajasthan College


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JAIPUR – After Manipal Institute of Technology in Karnataka, a Muslim student was now allegedly hounded with Islamophobic slurs during a history class in Barmer district of Rajasthan.

The victim named Hasina Bano is a first-year student of History at MBR college in Balotra town. In a video gone viral on social media, Bano said that on 21 November, the teacher named Badam Singh while teaching a lesson on Gautam Buddha, mentioned that Aftab Poonawala had killed Shraddha and dismembered her body into 35 pieces, Singh further said that Muslims are ruthless and they have no remorse.

Singh then reportedly asked the class of 150-200 students whether any Muslims are present in the class, and carried on with the Islamophobic remarks. While Singh continued to speak, Bano tried to walk out of the class upon which he questioned her exit.

Singh reportedly claimed that Muslims would earn a reward equivalent to Haj if they kill a Hindu and that they would attain heaven if they kill two Hindus. Irked over the teacher’s remark, Bano questioned him as to why he had brought up the topic of religion during the class.

When the teacher claimed that such things are mentioned in the Quran, Bano challenged him to prove his point. The teacher said he would bring the Quran and prove it. The student left class and raised the issue with the college administration.

However, the authorities asked the student not to make make an issue of the incident and attempted to stop her from leaving the college.

Bano was allegedly threatened not to leave the college premises and directed the authorities to ensure the same and guards to shut the gates.

After a while one of her classmates, Raju Chaudhry came up to Bano threatening her not to leave the premises.

Bano also alleged that Chaudhry rode his bike over her foot in order to prevent her from exiting the college premises. He further threatened Bano with dire consequences if she approached the police. “You Muslims are scoundrels, consume meat. You can never live properly since you are the descendants of the Prophet Muhammad.”

Bano added that Chaudhry warned her against going to the police station and said, “If you try and approach the police, remember we are following you and you know what we can do.” A video shared on Twitter shows her surrounded by boys who attempt to intimidate her.

The girl reached her residence and revealed the incident after being persuaded by family members. Bano stated that on November 27 a police official reached her residence.

Despite Bano telling them to not record her statement while her parents were away, she alleged that the official made her file a complaint over the incident. The official assured her of action against the accused, however, no action was taken against them despite the assurance.


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