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Muslim Youth Abused, Brutally Beaten up in Delhi Police Station

Arif Salim has filed a complaint with the DCP of West Delhi against Station House Officer Arun Kumar, constables Shyam Sundar, Ashwini and other policemen

Waquar Hasan | Clarion India

NEW DELHI – A Muslim youth was brutally beaten up inside a police station and religious slurs were hurled at him by a senior police official and some policemen. Arif Salim’s only fault was that he did not have a number plate on his motorcycle. This traffic offence cost him dearly and he became a punching bag for the policemen at the Madhu Vihar police station of West Vinod Nagar in the national capital.

The 26-year-old Salim was called a ‘Mulla’ and a “Katwa” (derogatory terms used for Muslims) while allegedly being brutally beaten up by the policemen.

A viral video shows the victim having deep bruises and injury marks on his back, and hands. The video also shows Salim as unable to walk on his own and is being assisted by some persons in his movement from one place to another.

Salim has filed a complaint with the DCP of West Delhi accusing Station House Officer Arun Kumar, constables Shyam Sundar, Ashwini and other policemen of beating him up.

According to the complaint, on 21 May, Salim was out to fetch some household items on his motorcycle. When he reached Shri Ram Chowk, SHO Arun Kumar stopped him and asked about the missing number plate. Salim said the same had fallen somewhere and he will get it fixed soon.  

“Then, he asked me my name. As soon as I told them, my name, the SHO angrily told me to “get down off the bike, Mulla.” Constable Pramod hit me with a stick from the back. In a lower tone, I asked them why were they beating me. You can fine me,” reads the complaint.

Then, a group of policemen forcefully took him to the police station in an autorickshaw punching and shoving him all along, the complaint noted.

“They took me to the backside of the police station and four, five policemen beat me up with sticks. They dragged me into an empty room and brutally beat me up after tying me to a chair,” said Salim in the complaint.

They also dragged the victim by holding his private part and said they would castrate him.

“You circumcised people, how dare you teach me when I should fine you,” the complaint quoted the policemen as saying.

As a result of the severe beating, the victim fell unconscious and was taken to a hospital. He was discharged later. His situation is still critical.

Family members said even though nine days have gone by, Salim’s condition has not improved. He continues to be in a critical condition. He is not able to speak properly and stand up on his own.

 “Why was he beaten up so brutally? What crime did he commit? Is this the way someone is beaten up for not having a number plate?” asked Salim’s brother while talking to a YouTube channel.

Family members said that when they got to know that Salim was taken to the police station, they rushed to the police station where they found that he was being beaten up inside.

“He was chained and lying on the ground. I asked the policemen why he was being beaten up. They asked me to move back, or else my turn would also come. Some policemen slapped me as well. A policeman Pramod told me that he would pee in my mouth,” said Shadab, another brother of Salim.

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