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Muslim Student in MP Assaulted Mercilessly for Talking to a Hindu Girl; 6 Arrested

"The boy is a resident of Sahar village and a college student. There was a conspiracy against him. He was wrongly accused and beaten up just because he is a Muslim," Khandwa Shahar Qazi Syed Nisar Ali said.

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BHOPAL — A shocking and brutal video clip showing a Muslim student being assaulted mercilessly by six persons for allegedly molesting a girl in Madhya Pradesh has gone viral.

The six accused were, however, arrested on Wednesday over the incident in Khandwa city of the state.

Although the incident was reported to the police on January 3, the day of the assault, the arrests were made only after a delegation of local Muslims approached the police demanding action against the culprits.

“The boy is a resident of Sahar village and a college student. There was a conspiracy against him. He was wrongly accused and beaten up just because he is a Muslim,” Khandwa Shahar Qazi Syed Nisar Ali said after meeting with police officials.

“The perpetrators are hooligans who call themselves members of a group. Such incidents will sully the name of our city,” he was quoted by media reports as saying.

He said they have asked the police to take immediate action, arrest the men responsible and charge them with kidnapping and mob lynching.

Talking to reporters, the student named Shahbaz claimed he was returning from a market in the afternoon when a Hindu girl approached him regarding a book.

The miscreants surrounded Shahbaz and began to ask why he was talking to the girl. They then reportedly started abusing and assaulting the victim.

Shahbaz said he was assaulted for three hours. “They asked me my name and took me away,” he said when questioned why he was assaulted.

The victim also alleged that the mob threatened to kill him if he was found talking to the girl again.

Although the audio of what is said in the video clip of the assault is not entirely clear, some voices can be heard. One of the mob members is heard urging the speaker to just “turn the man around,” while another demanded that he be beaten.

When the young man folded his hands, another grabbed them and held them tightly so he was denied the ability to even protect himself.

The foremost of the attackers then grabbed the scared man by his collar and pulled him before the camera demanding that he recorded himself saying something. On the youth’s question as to what he should say, the former dragged him to the centre of the crowd and two men from the mob could then be seen flogging Shahbaz, hitting his legs with sticks, till he fell down.

The video ended with the brutalised screams of the young man.

Khandwa Superintendent of Police Vivek Singh said the six accused were identified after the video went viral. “We had registered an FIR against unknown persons under relevant sections, including assault on the same day when the incident occurred,” he said. “But the youth who was assaulted did not recognise the group of people who thrashed him.”

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