Riyaz Ahmed sacked by employer after a TV channel branded him as Hindu hater

“I have never tweeted a single Hindu hatred tweet in my life. I respect Hinduism and most of my friends are Hindu…This piece of crap journalism just cost me my job,” says Riyaz Ahmed

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NEW DELHI: In an ugly turn of events for a young Muslim professional Friday night, hours after the Times Now TV channel described him as a ‘Hindu hater’ and member of Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s ‘troll army’, he got a shocking, sacking call from his boss.

The young man who identifies himself as Riyaz Ahmed and uses twitter handle @simpleriyaz was terrified after the channel clubbed him with some other people whom the channel described as ‘Modi baiter’, ‘Hindu hater’ and ‘Troll Army’ of Rahul Gandhi.

TV channel’s Editor-in-Chief Rahul Shivshankar was anchoring the prime time show at 8 PM on Friday with focus on Rahul’s ‘Troll Army’. Under the category, he counted several known and unknown persons including Riyaz and former Gujarat IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt.

Around 9 PM, Riyaz went on Twitter to say he has been sacked from his employer.

“My boss just called me and yes I am fired from my job because they can’t keep someone who apparently trolls and abuse. This piece of crap journalism just cost me my job…thank you Times Now,” said Riyaz.

He denied all the charges levelled by the TV channel and said he has never posted any anti-Hindu comment.

“Just to clarify I have never tweeted a single Hindu hatred tweet in my life. I respect Hinduism and most of my friends are Hindu,” said he.

“I am just a volunteer who tweets a few things. Is this really TV journalism that they will risk my life…few neighbors have whatsapp me asking me what is this all about,” he said.

“Before calling me anti-Hindu or Hindu hater, @RShivshankar or @vineetjaintimes read this,” he tweeted while retweeting his Feb 2017 tweet wherein he talked about his normal relations with Hindu neighbours.

“Hey @TimesNow and @RShivshankar before calling me abuser find a single tweet of me abusing someone… biggest Modi and Shah abuser is sitting on your panel @Shehzad_Ind.”

Riyaz Got Terrified After TV Channel Called Him Hindu Hater

Riyaz was terrified with the way the TV channel described him and he made his fear public.

“I am scared of my life…and feeling insecure and I don’t know what will happen to me… I live in BJP and RSS bastion, in my polling booth 97% of votes goes to BJP…,” he tweeted Friday night.

“My mother is worried about me; who will protect me? I don’t even know anyone.. i am shivering…”

He Got Support From Netizens

One Mayur Shekhar Jha said: “Don’t worry my friend you, are the kind of sane this country desperately needs. You can count on me for any support.”

“Getting someone fired from his job for an opposite political opinion expressed on social media is the cowardice of highest order,” said another professional Tariq Anwar.

“Hope Karma catches Times Now and Shivshankar some day.”

Ankur Bhardwaj questioned: “When did @simpleriyaz turn abusive? The North Koreans at Times Now are now going after individuals for opposing this government. Such shamelessness.”


People didn’t like individual profiling of people by the TV channel. In response, the hashtag #ShutdownTimesNow started trending on Twitter Saturday noon.

“#ShutDownTimesNow that is silent on Sanghis giving me rape and death threats but demonizes @simpleriyaz for criticizing the Govt!,” tweeted eminent rights activist Kavita Krishnan. It’s not a news channel but a fascist propaganda channel that demonizes and endangers people, she further said.

One Gongu Raj had this to say: “#ShutDownTimesNow It’s crossed all the limits of journalistic ethics, it’s purely a biased loudmouth channel that’s pandering to the BJP and Modi govt.”


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