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Muslim Mechanic Converts Conventional Motorcycle into Solar-Powered E-Bike

The innovative solution cuts fuel expenses and offers a glimpse into a greener, more sustainable future

Team Clarion

HYDERABAD – In a bold initiative, a Muslim mechanic, Mohammad Sharif, has transformed conventional motorcycles into solar-powered e-bikes, earning all-around accolades.

Facing the scorching heat and rising fuel prices, Sharif’s ingenuity has turned heads on the streets of Nalgonda. What began as a repair job for his two-wheeler led to a unique invention which slashes fuel expenses.

Sharif’s brainchild boasts a design that harnesses solar energy to power the bike, significantly reducing fuel costs. By incorporating four 12-volt batteries and enabling charging via solar panels, Sharif has revolutionised the transportation sector in the region.

This eco-friendly alternative can travel up to 40 km on solar energy alone, requiring a day’s charge from morning till evening. Sharif’s vision extends beyond this, aiming for vehicles powered by low-cost lithium batteries, capable of covering at least 100 km on a single charge.

The economic and environmental benefits of Sharif’s creation are evident, with a modest investment of Rs 30,000 for batteries and Rs 10,000 for solar panels paving the way for sustainable transportation solutions.

Sharif’s innovative approach not only tackles rising fuel costs but also offers a glimpse into a greener, more sustainable future for transportation in Telangana and beyond.

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