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Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat Lauds Voters for Rejecting Politics of Hate

AIMMM says Muslims played a key role in protecting the Constitution; Dr Zafarul Islam Khan elected president

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NEW DELHI – The All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat, the apex body of the Indian Muslims, has expressed satisfaction with the results of the recent general elections and congratulated Indian voters for rejecting the politics of hate.

It said the election results proved that a majority of Indians are still secular and that the Constitution is still supreme. The AIMMM observed that Muslims played a key role in saving the Constitution and democracy in these elections. It appealed to the secular parties to take a clear stand on the problems facing Muslims.

The Mushawarat noted that despite all the efforts of the hate-mongers, Hindutva candidates received only 40 percent of the votes while a majority of 60 percent voted against them in these elections and thereby rejected the politics of hate.

At the general body meeting of the AIMMM in the national capital on Sunday, important country and community issues were discussed and several resolutions were passed. Members of the apex body from all over the country participated in the meeting.

The general body unanimously elected Dr Zafarul Islam Khan as president for the next two years.

The Mushawarat appealed to secular political parties to disregard their differences and forge unity to safeguard the greater interests of the country and the people of India and bring the country back on the democratic track.

Another resolution condemned the policy of excluding Indian Muslims from the national mainstream and advised Muslims in the interest of the country not to let the politics of hate succeed.

In another resolution, AIMMM condemned the policy of turning Muslims into political nonentities and marginalise them which has been followed during the last ten years. “Fake issues like cow slaughter, love jihad and religious conversion… were raised to commit lynchings of Muslims. Yet Muslims endured these injustices with patience and avoided revenge activities with a view not to allow the administrative machinery to commit further excesses against Muslims,” it said.

But, AIMMM noted, this is not enough. Muslims have to steadfastly hold the rope of Allah, strengthen their relationship with the Qur’an and adopt all ways and means which are necessary for the progress of people in this age. Education and securing a foothold in business are basic needs for success in the present world.

AIMMM stressed that Muslims must take recourse to the legal remedies to stop injustices, take legal cases to their logical end and take care of the families of the victims of injustice.

AIMMM also condemned the Israeli genocide in Gaza and censored Muslim countries for their silence or lukewarm response to the crisis. AIMMM appealed to the country’s justice-loving people to condemn the Gaza genocide, be vocal against it and protest it.

The resolution further said that the Middle East crisis will end only when and if the Palestinian people are allowed to live in their country with freedom and political sovereignty. It asked the Government of India to use its good offices to stop the genocide in Gaza. AIMMM commended the role of the UN organisations in dealing with the crisis and speaking against the Israeli genocide in Gaza.

Participants in the AIMMM general body meeting included Muhammad Adeeb (former MP, Rajya Sabha), Abdul Khaliq (ex-MP, Assam), Khwaja Muhammad Shahid, Kamal Faruqui, Dr Syed Maharul Hasan (Bhopal), Prof Qazi Zainussajideen (City Qazi of Meerut), Prof. Arshi Khan (AMU), Dr Kausar Usman, Hasib Ahmad (ex-Member Secretary, NCRE), Shabi Ahmad, Abdul Batin Khandakar (MLA Assam), Muhammad Nadeem Siddiqui, Abrar Ahmad Makki, Shahid Sharif Shaikh, Akhlaq Husain Chishti, Hafiz Manzur Ali Khan, Muzaffar Ali, Muhammad Iqbaluz Zafar, Adv. Nadeem Siddiqui (Lucknow), Saudul Hasan Nadwi (Ghazipur), Adv. Sikandar Hayat Khan, Muhammad Jamilur Rahman (MLA, Malerkotla), Masoom Moradabadi, Syed Tahsin Ahmad, Muhammad Shamsuz Zoha, Dr Syed Ahmad Khan, Adv. Feroz Khan Ghazi, Suhail Anjum and Dr Javed Ahmad. Several AIMMM members also joined the meeting through Zoom.

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