Muslim League Urges Sonia Gandhi to Galvanise Secular Forces Against Fascist Regime

IUML delegation meeting Sonia Gandhi at her residence on Wednesday.

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NEW DELHI — A high-level delegation of Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) on Wednesday urged the Congress and UPA president Sonia Gandhi to take lead in consolidating and uniting the secular forces to save the country from the “nefarious’ designs of the fascist forces.

Calling on Mrs Gandhi at her residence here, the IUML delegation discussed a range of issues including Kashmir, Triple Talaq Bill, Supreme Court verdict on Babri Masjid title suit, state of economy in India and suppression of weaker sections with the Congress chief.

The delegation pointed out that  the BJP government at the Centre has been successfully implementing its “Agenda of suppression”  against the depressed and oppressed classes of the society – Dalits and Minorities — and spreading fear psychosis among them.

The government has all along ignored the backward community particularly the minorities in governance and treated them as secondary citizens of this country, it added.

“With the brute majority in Parliament, they are on the spree of implementing the RSS agenda one after another. NRC and Citizenship Amendment Bill are the weapons to target the minorities only. BJP leaders have been openly declaring that the refugees or immigrants of all communities except one community i.e. Muslims will be given citizenship in the proposed legislation,” IUML said.

League leaders further said that by passing the Triple Talaq bill, the BJP government has undermined the fundamental rights of the people and it was a clear interference in Muslim community’s personal laws. It is against their rights as enshrined in the Constitution.

On Babri Masjid verdict, the delegation said it is quite disappointing as the claim of the minority is utterly ignored and set aside. The community is much agitated in their minds of being ignored and is gearing up to file a review on the verdict. Muslim organizations have held wider consultations on the issue and are continuing to do so to arrive at a consensus before a review is filed against the verdict.

On situation in Kashmir, the delegation said the people of Kashmir are subjected to mental torture and human rights violation. They are treated as intruders in their own homes. They are barred from meeting family members, relatives and their own people. The entire region is put under undeclared emergency and subjected to “military aggression”.

The IUML delegation also discussed the worrisome economic situation in the country as the weaker sections, particularly Dalits and minorities, are the most affected by economic slowdown. They are totally abandoned and are on the verge of starvation. Farmers suicide cases are also on the rise as never seen before.

In the backdrop of these burning issues, the delegation asked Congress chief to galvanize the secular parties and bring them on joint agenda for fighting the fascist forces who are pushing the country on the brink.

“The secular fabric of the country is being tarnished as the present government is trying to divide the country on communal lines.  This should not be allowed. The Congress should walk an extra mile to consolidate them and a nationwide movement should be launched with the slogan of ‘save the country from destruction’ without wasting any time,” the delegation suggested to Mrs Gandhi.

The IUML delegation was led by National President, Prof Kader Mohideen, Ex MP and consisted of, among others, P.K. Kunhalikutty, MP , E.T. Mohammed Basheer, MP, P.V. Abdul Wahab, MP and Treasurer, Nawas Khani, MP and Khurram Anis Omer, National Secretary.


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