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Muslim Leaders Condemn Demolition of Haldwani Mosque and Madrasa, Demand Accountability 

The Supreme Court should take notice and order a halt to demolitions for the sake of peace, says Ittehad-e-Millat Council (IEMC) chief Maulana Tauqeer Raza Khan.

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NEW DELHI – Several Muslim leaders and organisations have reacted strongly against the demolition of a mosque and a madrassa and the violence in the Uttarakhand city of Haldwani on Thursday. They also came down heavily on the biased police action which resulted in the death of six Muslims, four of them from one family, and injuries to scores of people.

The demolition exercise was reportedly carried out even as the matter was being heard in the court and no decision has yet been taken on the alleged encroachments. 

Ittehad-e-Millat Council (IEMC) chief Maulana Tauqeer Raza Khan blamed state Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami for the violence in Haldwani. He demanded the arrest of the chief minister. The influential cleric also targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi while recalling the Godhra incident. 

He said Hindutva organisations like VHP and Bajrang Dal are dishonestly working using the government’s power, and the courts are operating based on faith. He said the “terrorist organisations like VHP and Bajrang Dal” remain unchecked and warned of potential trouble if they continue to interfere in state matters.

The cleric questioned the reasoning behind the bulldozer action and urged the Supreme Court to take notice and order a halt to these operations for the sake of peace.

He asserted that some Hindu organisations aim to destroy Muslims, emphasising that India resides in the veins of Muslims. He questioned the legality of worship permission in Gyanvapi under existing laws, calling for action against the judge allowing pooja in the mosque’s cellar. 

Elsewhere, Ameer Shariat Bihar, Odisha, and Jharkhand Maulana Ahmad Wali Faisal Rahmani expressed serious concern over the situation, emphasising that India’s foundation relies on the credibility and trust of the Constitution. He highlighted the Constitution’s establishment of a non-religious democratic system to uphold the country’s integrity amid its diverse castes and religions. He criticised the resurgence of uncivilized and fascist Hindu ideologies, referencing the release of individuals involved in Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination. 

Maulana Rahmani lamented the demolition of mosques, stating they represent the identity of the Muslims.

The All India Milli Council strongly condemned the violence in Haldwani. Sheikh Nizamuddin, Assistant General Secretary of the council, criticised the illegal demolition of the mosque and madrassa in Haldwani. The operation, he said, was carried out in blatant disregard of the judiciary.

Sheikh Nizamuddin further denounced the police’s use of force against peaceful protestors, calling it a violation of democratic values and an insult to the judiciary. He demanded a CBI investigation into the matter and accountability for those responsible for the violence.

Similarly, President of the Markazi Idara Shariah and former MP Maulana Ghulam Rasool Balyawi denounced the continuous harassment of Muslims in Haldwani and criticised the government’s unilateral actions undermining judicial dignity. He condemned the loss of Muslim lives and property as a deliberate agenda of the government.

Balyawi highlighted the severe consequences faced by Muslims in Haldwani, including arrests and persecution of youth. He accused the government of prioritising the destruction of Muslim properties over upholding judicial integrity.

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