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Muslim Groups Condemn Revocation of Article 370, Terming it As Govt’s Authoritarian Move

Activists displaying placards during a protest against the union government’s move to revoke Article 370. —  PTI

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NEW DELHI — Muslim and political groups have condemned the unilateral decision of the BJP government to do away with the special status of the troubled-torn state of Jammu and Kashmir, which, they said, would satisfy only the communally frenzied mob psych influenced by Sangh Parivar’s ideology of “hate”.

After the Upper House, the Lower House of the Indian Parliament has also passed the Abrogation of Article 370 bill and J&K Reorganisation Bill on Tuesday.

Reacting to this ominous development, Welfare Party of India President Dr. S.Q.R. Ilyas questioned the BJP government’s ‘authoritarian’ approach which he said is evident from deployment of massive armed forces, imposition of Section 144 and arrest of prominent leaders of the state, including two former chief ministers, literally holding the Valley hostage.

“Through these draconian measures,” he said, “the government sabotaged the democratic space and unleashed terror among the people of Kashmir.”

 “Article 370 represented the contractual obligations between State of Jammu & Kashmir and the Govt of India, scrapping it unilaterally without involving and consulting the other party is a breach of contract and trust,” he said.

He termed the unilateral decision of the government unconstitutional and against the due process of the Parliament.

Dr. Ilyas also strongly criticised the other political parties like AAP, AIADMK, BSP, and YSRCP for supporting BJP and enabling them to pass this bill.

Assuring Welfare Party’s solidarity with the people of Kashmir in this hour of crisis, he demanded the BJP government revoke its decision and restored the autonomy of Kashmir by restoring Article 370.

Socialist Party of India also condemned the decision to scrap Article 370 without consulting the people and their representatives.

Party’s president Pannalal Surana and vice president Sandeep Panday said it was a great betrayal to people of Jammu and Kashmir who had “preferred India over Pakistan” after the Partition of the country.

Bifurcation of the state into Union territories on religious grounds is utterly ridiculous and a cruel joke on the people of the state, they said while condemning the RSS-BJP brigade for running a false campaign about the special status of Jammu and Kashmir as this status did not entail any special benefit to the people.

Pointing out the successive central governments have weakened the Article 370, they said Socialist party vehemently demand the restoration of the J&K’s original status.

Popular Front of India also criticised the government’s decision and warned it heralds the dark days for democracy and civil rights in the country the way government passed some other laws such as NIA, UAPA, RTI, etc.

Front chairman E Abubacker said, “the new tragic turn in Kashmir strategy will only satisfy the communally frenzied mob psych influenced by Sangh Parivar ideology of hate and the BJP can now boast of fulfilling the promise they had made in their 2014 and 2019 election manifestos.”

He also termed the government’s claim that notification is being issued in concurrence with the government of Jammu & Kashmir as “nothing more than a joke”.

Pointing out that J&K is now under President’s rule and the assembly elections was not held on schedule, along with the Lok Sabha elections, he said, “If the consent of a state governor appointed by the Central Government is taken as that of the state government for changing the constitutional position of the concerned state, it’s an end to federalism. The same fate awaits other Indian states.”

Furthermore, keeping the stakeholders in Kashmir away from the process and detaining the democratically elected previous chief ministers before the announcement of this step shows political arrogance and vendetta, something unheard in the history of our country, he added.

It also amounts to betraying those political forces and leaders including former BJP alliance partners who always stood with the Indian government, he pointed out. They always emphasized that peace in Kashmir can be achieved only through dialogue, taking the Kashmiri people in confidence, he said.


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