Muslim Delegation Seeks High-Level Probe and Aid for Haldwani Victims


Muslim leaders called for justice to be served and perpetrators brought to account for their actions.

Team Clarion

DEHRADUN – A delegation of Muslim community members and scholars met with the Special Home Secretary at the Secretariat on Friday evening and pressed for a thorough investigation into Thursday’s violence in Haldwani. The delegation also urged financial assistance for the affected families.

Led by Qazi Muhammad Ahmed Qasmi, the delegation included President of the Imam Organisation Mufti Raees and office-bearers of Muslim Seva Organisation Advocate Javed Khan, Naeem Qureshi, Aaqib Qureshi, and Saqib Qureshi. Together, they articulated the community’s concerns to the senior official, emphasising the need for swift action and support for those affected by the tragic events.

The delegation stressed the importance of a high-level inquiry into the violence and arson perpetrated by anti-social elements following administrative measures to demolish a mosque and a madrassa in Haldwani. They called for justice to be served and perpetrators brought to account for their actions.

Additionally, the delegation appealed for financial aid for the families of the dead and the injured. It underscored the importance of solidarity and support from the government in addressing the root causes of the violence and its aftermath.

Furthermore, the Muslim delegation requested permission to visit the riot-affected area to assess the situation firsthand and provide assistance where possible. Their proactive engagement reflects a commitment to promoting peace, justice, and communal harmony in the wake of adversity.

As the government considers their demands, the delegation’s efforts highlight the importance of collaborative dialogue and concerted action in addressing social challenges and upholding the rights and welfare of all citizens.


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