Home EDITOR'S PICK Muslim Coalition Asks Joe Biden to Explain His Racist Rant Against Arabs

Muslim Coalition Asks Joe Biden to Explain His Racist Rant Against Arabs

Former US vice president Joe Biden visits a Community Resource Center in North Charleston, S.C., o February 24, 2020. — Reuters

Clarion India

NEW YORK — A video has surfaced of a political speech, in which a much younger Joe Biden, in a very passionate and very dramatic fashion, states that Arabs are a violent people who were fighting among themselves and would continue to do so even if Israel was to be physically moved to another place by God himself.

Muslim Peace Coalition, USA, has sharply criticised Joe Biden’s statement terming it cunningly racist. Reacting to the statement, Dr. Shaik Ubaid, the co-chair of the Coalition, said, “Arabs fought much less among themselves than the Europeans did and even the Jewish kingdoms and tribes fought among themselves; and to make such a statement was cunningly racist.”

 “We are asking Vice President Biden to explain himself and to renounce his racist, Islamophobic and anti-Semitic statement as Arabs are Semites too,” said Dr. Shaik Ubaid.
Biden campaign has already been under attack for refusing to fire Amit Jani who has ties to Hindu supremacist groups linked to anti-Muslim and anti-Christian pogroms in India and who heads Biden’s outreach efforts to Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders


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